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    Hey guys and gals,

    We are living in an apartment in a great neighborhood until the husband and I can agree to build a house. Our apartment number in the Diad board states do not release for anything that comes ups without a signature. I called the 800 number about it a few months ago and went through the steps to get that taken out. It was taken out but now its back in there. I guess the people who lived here before did a lot of claims for "missing packages". My husband is a driver and doesn't get my packages anymore since he said I order to much and he's not going to look everyday to see if I got something coming. My normal driver knows me and will leave my package on my patio for me since I am not always here. How can I go about getting this taken care of without having to deal with the "wonderful" people at the 800 number. They just don't understand when I tell them that I am married to a UPS driver. There is nothing like sitting at home waiting for the big brown truck to show up. Some days its first thing in the morning and other days its late. Any help would be great.
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    Request FedEx to deliver to you.
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    Call in a corporate complaint.
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    Your husband doesn't sound very nice. sorry to hear that. good luck. Just keep calling until its fixed. UPS is a gigantic machine and we are just a very small part of it. Make alot of noise and they do what it takes to keep you quite.
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    I had a customer ask me about something similar and I just asked my center team to change it since the previous tenant had moved at the "sig req" note attached was no longer necessary. Ask your driver if he may be able to have it taken care of. If he has good people working with him they can and will take care of it.
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    I call BS. If your husband is a driver he would know exactly who to talk to about getting this situation rectified. Not to mention that your regular driver would most likely look in the morning for him and dig out your packages prior to leaving the building if you get alot of stuff.
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    How does the screening process work anyways? It's not necessarily the consignee that's the issue. The thefts may very well be attributed to where it is in places like college towns where tenant turnover is very high and an untold number of unknown visitors visit.
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    Here's a tip.

    Sign up for UPS My Choice.

    You can specify a delivery location (a fee MAY apply) and sign for packages online. By doing so it's probably the same as waiving rights to a claim as if you signed the back of an info notice.
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    Get a pack of info notices from your husband. Leave a signed one on your door when you expect a package.
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    Get a new husband.
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    The driver I've been helping will not accept signed info notices. He says he will get in trouble anyway if the package comes up missing. Unsure if this is true, but I assume other drivers might feel the same way.
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    Have your husband ask the driver that delivers to your house to let him sign for the stop in his DIAD and then put the stop in pre-record. Just the stop without scanning the pkgs. When the driver gets to your house he can open the stop, scan the pkgs and and deliver with the existing signature.
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    Request hold for pickup or have them sent to a neighbor where they can be driver released.
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    Your not telling the truth. Your story doesn't add up. It was taken out but is now back in ????? I would suspect that something went missing again. The NO DR STATUS is to both protect you and UPS from theft.

    If you husband is a UPS driver and what you say is true he would be able to fix the problem easier than you calling the 800 number. However he isn't going to be able to fix the part that we don't DR to apartments unless it a basic package or the apartment is in a secure building.

    Did you know that you can sign the back the of Delivery notice and the driver will leave the package the next day if it not a signature required package. you can also go online and do a E sign and the driver will leave the package the next day.
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    That info notice will not be attached to the packages thus worthless.
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    I only take signed info notices that I or another driver left the day before and scanned into the system the day before. I don't take notes or info notice that have not been scanned into the system the day before. It called CYA
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    You can scan that notice thats given to you with the package your delivering so it will be scanned into the system.
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    You can I don't.