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  1. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    What kind of effect they can have on our day? I had two customers waste about 5 minutes of my day today because they would not let me leave until they rounded up fido so I "don't run over them". Let's use an example of what I figure to be a very average day. Do they realize that if u have 120 stops and each one just wastes just 30 seconds of your day that's an hour later u get home. So this is for you secretary who needed to finish your phone conversation with your boyfriend before you signed. You cashier who needed to checkout 3 people before u initial. The homeowner whose circle drive at the end of the quarter mile driveway is full of cars. Do they have any clue?
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    It doesn't bother me at all. I could care less about bonus. And, each customer thinks they're our only stop.
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    some of them hurry to get whatever is needed and say "i hope im not holding up your day, i know you guys are on a schedule!" Some, don't even acknowledge your their when you ask for a signature and continue what the are doing for 20 seconds then finally grab the board and sign real quick, then get irritated when you ask them for their last.
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    Hitting a dog is considered an avoidable accident so avoid hitting dogs.

    She was on the phone before you walked in so who are you to think she should cease her phone call just because you, the son of god, walked in the door. Maybe her boyfriend got a big promotion or saved a dog from being run over by a UPS truck or saved a man's life earlier and is filling her in on the excitement. But you're right, your package is far more important than her life.[/QUOTE]

    They were there first. Get in line and wait your turn. Jipping is inappropriate.

    Expect the unexpected. It's their driveway, they can park any damn place they please.
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    We get paid by the hour.
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    Convey a sense of urgency.
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    As your first post I congratulate on the most accurate answer that is the most applicable to the situation. Well done!!!
  8. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    It honestly doesn't bother me I have no kids or anything yet I don't get bonus so I don't care about that. I really just figured most of the people with kids and a family to get home to would be bothered by it. I just know they have no clue sometimes. Everyday starting around 3 everyone starts asking if I'm about done for the day.
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    Done, half-way done, same difference.
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    On that same note, do you care about their families or their worries or their work stresses?

    I got to my 5:30 pickup at 5:40 this evening. I did not leave there for nearly another hour while waiting for the customer to finish wrapping up. While they didn't care that my wife and two kids were waiting for me, I didn't care that their families were waiting for them as well. Goes around, comes around.
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    I leave the bad attitude for the competitors. I kill them with kindness because next time they order a package I want them to request us and not brand X.
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    get over yourself dude
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    Why should the customer care? Half of the preload and management does not care about your day either.... With a crappy load looking for packages, that same 30 seconds looking for a stop has the same impact as waiting for the dog does.
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    I see UPS OPERATIONS as tight and very efficient. The one thing i don't understand is they always say "You lose all your time in the back of the truck" but they don't do ONE thing to fix that!
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    PAS/EDD have greatly reduced the time I spend "massaging the load".

    To the OP--I share your frustration but there is little any of us can do to eliminate or reduce it.
  16. yeldarb

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    The tools are there (PAS) that should make it a good day for a driver. However, until they can get the preload to buy into caring, nothing much will change. This next contract should have more emphasis put towards part time. The turnover is horrendous, accountability isnt there, since you cant threaten them with discipline. Most are ready to jump ship already. 8.50 an hour, with no medical for over a year for the expectations they need to put up with from management is too much.
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    If you worked preload, you would understand why they don't care. Why should they? They aren't given they correct tools to do the job, the correct amount of time to do the job, nor are they treated with any respect by their bosses. I've been there. It is an impossible job.
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    Nothing will change until there is a realistic PPH on the preload. I firmly believe a quality load saves the driver so much time; no off area misloads, damages, less time in the cargo area, etc..

    Back to the start of this thread, not every stop is a time consuming. What about all the stops that go smoothly; customer helps unload, load, opens door before you knock or ring, has COD check ready, call tag pkg ready?

    As stated earlier you get paid by the hour!

    Crap happens thats why we wear brown.
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    To the O.P did you ever hear of the term "take charge of the delivery situation "" ??? No it , Learn it , Live it !! I would never wait in a store line for a signature, or a person on the phone ,I would try to speed up in a curtious way,,,as for the drive way,,,as stated,it's there drive way !!
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    I've heard this stated several times in various posts before. Any chance you could clarify?

    The quality of preload appears to vary belt by belt, at my center. Here's an example- last Friday, after I was finished, my sup sent me over to the fourth belt to help out. The preload manager was standing around and pointed me toward the fifth belt instead. Here was the situation on m5: all but two loaders were gone for the day, half the trucks already had their doors closed, all placards were down. No sup was present. There was a pile of irregs at the front of the belt. Seriously? If any one of us on my belt left before finishing our areas 100% (unless previously arranged), our sup would have a nice talk with us the next work day. This was not my belt, so I hadn't the slightest clue which trucks leave early and were already gone... or even which truck was what, as they were no longer marked. It was quite a mess for me.

    It's very possible that the sup sent everyone home. It's also possible that the irregs came after everyone had already gone, but I doubt this.

    So, my belt is a completely different world from the one I was sent to help on, because of the people. We get our stuff done without being babysat.

    I believe that it's less about 'tools' and more about the workers. We get "forecast sheets" at the start of every morning (most of the time), and I feel like that is enough to get a rough idea of what your load will look like, even though they are frequently inaccurate. It also depends very much on the sup on that belt. Some sups take charge and make sure everything flows smoothly. Other sups pick their butts and watch everything go to hell.