Do they?

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  1. whome

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    someone said that mangenment TRIES to make the new hires quit. True?
  2. Covemastah

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    No !! They want the Veterans to quit,,,you new hires come at a cheaper rate !!
  3. cachsux

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    Maybe weed out the chaf a little before too much time is invested.
  4. ORLY!?!

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    I beleive that statement to be true. One would think that UPS would want to keep the experienced workers around, but not at all.
  5. laffter

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    The attitude of sups towards new hires makes this statement appear true. Either it is indeed true, or they put so much pressure on them to weed out those who won't make it, quickly.

    The idea that "management" wants experienced workers to quit seems silly to me. But, it all depends on who you refer to as management. Part time sups? Hell no. Pt sups get harassed more than loaders about misloads. They get harassed about production more than anyone. They want people who know what they're doing.

    Shift managers or center manager, there's no telling what goes through their heads.
  6. Loufan

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    ^ seems about right, i'm pretty sure PT sups don't have to worry about the money part of the company. They just deal with hours & production. So yeah they would much rather keep an experienced loader who is fast and knows what he is doing compared to a new hire that sucks at their job.
  7. Macbrother

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    A lot of times they will put new guys on the worst spots to see what they can handle. Then again if you are "liked" or know someone you might get a gravy spot right outta the gate. As always, the rules are different from person to person.
  8. hatebrown5

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    thats right!
  9. In today's UPS there isn't time to go through 30 days of training only to give up at the end and start over. I'm speaking from a package center view. The good centers make there people successful. The guy behind the new hire could be worse. An old district manager once told me "you plow the fields with the horses that come with the farm"! But I must admit I would look at the list of insiders comming out driving and I would wait on occasion for some to be proccured by another center before I would voice my needs. Sorry people, but I need to feed my kids too. You really can't afford to have people disqualify.
  10. upschick95

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    Maybe, i started as a loader and was trained by another hourly loader for one week. Then a "training" sup came around for what was left of my 30 days and stood at the end of the truck and yelled at me. "Faster", "Move it", "Hurry up", ect, ect, She even had a clicker to count how many I was loading.
  11. Jackburton

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    Do a two tier wage system and you'll see what getting rid of veterans looks like.
  12. Packmule

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    They spend $8,000 bucks putting a new driver on the road, and spend the entire rest of his or her career trying to find some BS way to fire them or make them quit. Or at least it seems that way.
  13. Brownslave688

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    It's called weeding out the weak of course they are going to make it hard on the newbies.
  14. ORLY!?!

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    Wow, that soup sucked, they often do though. The soup that trained me was far better then each one I've seen hence fourth. Most of them nowadays only sort cages or belts for the new guys for about a week, thats it. I believe I could teach a new person better then what I've seen over the years.

    That type of harassment should be for the experienced workers, lol!
  15. upschick95

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    Haha your right it should be