Do you think UPS be a good choice for me?

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    I'm 39 years old with a new baby, my girlfriend does have insurance at her job for our daughter but the insurance through UPS would be much better and cheaper. I know I'm not going to be able to support my family just on a PT job at UPS, it's more about the insurance and future advancements. I'm looking for honest advice if this would be a good choice and if someone my age will be able to handle the work? Thanks
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    I started working at UPS when I was 28. Went to to package in 5 years. Went to feeders in 14. I was going to college at the time and have the degree, could have went into management. But decide not to. It hangs on my wall. Different strokes for different folks. You will get a good workout though. I did....
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    I got to 39 and stopped. NO!!!!!!!!!

    Edit: went ahead and finished. Yeah there are plenty of part timers working just for the insurance. You could do it just not sure what you're looking for in the future full time employment could be 10+ years away.
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    If you like waking up early or working at night. Seriously when I was part time at ups it seemed like I missed just as much time seeing my wife and child as I did full time. I gguess it was the having to work 2 jobs to support us. When you go full time be ready to miss the majority of your child's ball games and programs. By the time they reach the age to play ball or dance you have put in too much time to quit. It's definitely not a job that will just let you off to make a family function or a child's hobby. Then their is Christmas, be prepared to miss the Christmas programs and family dinners. If you don't mind all that then it is a great way to support a family monetarily and with insurance.
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    Keep in mind that UPS hates families and loves you to be miserable.
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    If you can work hard, put up with at times impossible demands,keep your mouth shut, but know your rights as a bargaining will be just fine!
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    I used to think that, but i had some very tough struggles the past 5 years with family and my sups and center manager went well above and beyond to help me through!So i do say that is a very wrong statement for me.
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    It is a very wrong statement for most of us and says more about the person who said it than it does for the company.
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    It depends on the center manager. I've had some good ones that will do what they can to help people out, and have had some bad ones, who never did anything for the hourly, and tried to fired as many as he could.
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    I started @ 43 pt , still pt @ 59 I only stay for the intellectual stimulation ."A real intellectual is someone who is fascinated with human behavior and can see something in someone that most casual observers would easily miss which in turn is attractive because it affirms those who society had otherwise ignored."Naa.......... not me I stay for the benefits
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    Look at you the morality police.
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    He really got to you
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    Yes you can handle the work at your age. Go in knowing your going to work hard for a big check - mind over matter. You must be stronger mentally than physically.
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    407 is one of his biggest fans.
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    As you said that your not going to be able to support your family on a PT job so your going to have to go find another PT job but most likely a FT job to go with that PT job you want at UPS. I worked PT on the preload shift and did 4 10 hrs days at another job until I got a FT position.

    Age, size, race and sex has little to with whether you can do the job or not. Just like most other jobs it all comes down to work ethics showing up to work everyday and putting in a good effort day in and day out. I'll leave it at that it you choice...
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    Pipe down