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    Im having problems finding out the EXACT date UPS came into the UK. I started with UPS 1st March 1988 and believe this could be the date. Due to take-overs of other companies, there seems very few if any original UPSers left who can confirm this. Would anyone in the U.S. be able to help or provide me with an e mail address just to satisfy my curiosity? Many thanks... :cool:
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    The first official date was founders day 1989
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    Many thanks. At the risk of sounding rather stupid, what date is founders day? I'm afraid we are not so " UPS wise" in the UK. I do know we get a doughnut tho!!! Also. how did you know??
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    This is off,

    Jim Casey and Claude Ryan started the American Messenger Company (later to become UPS) in Seattle, Washington on August 28, 1907.

    In 1985, Next Day Air Service was expanded to the United Kingdom, with expansion to Ireland in 1987. It doesn't list an exact date that UPS officially started in England. Sorry, Stu, that's the best I could do.
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    Damn! I'm on vacation that week! Someone save me a donut...
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    I took the week before for a vacation, I sure didn't want to miss my donut! (Krispy Kreme)