does anyone's hub managers do this

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    I have a co-worker that was delivering a package to a mall today. He was parked at the dock like he was suppose to be. Asemi delivery truck backed Iinto his package car. They charged my buddy with an accident even though he was in the mall making a delivery. They tried this a while back and I thought I grieved it enough to stop them but I guess they are back to old habits.
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    I love the line "hit while parked is our most common accident guys" To me that means we must be doing something right? I mean we can't fix stupid. Oh but apparently we are supposed to try.
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    lol what a joke
  4. Wally

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    Watch those birds! One "lets it rip" on the bumper and that's chargeable!
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    Down here they made the decision that a "hit while parked" is now deemed 100% an avoidable accident...
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    Clueless management at their finest.
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    Who cares? You still get paid the exact same wage as the guy with the 30 year patch!
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    I was hit by a stolen car ( poop faced driver )
    being chased thru a college campus by State Police ,City cops and campus cops and they wanted to know why I was parked there!!
    I had to go to city police station and campus police station to get my named cleared of incident before UPS would believe me,and that was 20 years ago and Im still shaking my head about it !!
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