Does Part Time Ever Become Part Time?


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I started a little over a week ago as a PT package handler for the preload. I was hired for T-S and told by HR to expect to finish at 8:30 each day.

My first day, I met the dispatch manager and 2 PT sups and within 10 minutes they had walked me to where I'd be---loading three package cars alone. Zero training, no one watching to make sure I was doing things correctly, nothing.

I'm now on day 9 and have yet to get any sort of training. I've solicited feedback from my loading from the drivers I've met.

Here's my dilemma...on my first day I was told we are working mandatory 6 day weeks. In my first week I clocked 39.7 hours.

I have another fulltime job that supplies benefits and is my primary income to care for my family of 6. It is a 40hr commitment as well and pays 70k. I was late to this job three times this week because we didn't finish preload until 9:30a despite start times of 1:15a, 1:30a, and 1:45a for three days straight. Can I ever expect it to be like HR described it? 18-20 hrs a week...average starts at 3:30a and ends at 8:30a? Or was I sold a bill of goods that doesn't exist?

Working 80hr weeks was not what I was looking for...I am having no problem with the work itself...I actually have enjoyed it because my FT job us sedentary...but I can't let a part time gig interfere with my career. My main goals wasn't the money as much as the physical activity and eventual benefits (I pay $980/month for medical/dental/vision for my family at my job). I have 4 kids under 5 and this not seeing them but an hour or two a day is the hardest part.

Not sure it is sustainable for my to sleep 4 hours then do an 8hr preload shift and an 8hr shift at my other after day...with no end in sight. I would hate to resign, but I may not have much choice...

Our center is also lying to new hires for preload. The ones from the last two weeks are being told 3am-7am and 4am-9am. We haven't worked that in two years. Currently we start at midnight for preload and done by hopefully 9:30 am. Not sustainable for anyone. We've also had 10 people quit in the last two weeks. One thing to know is UPS doesn't give a damn if you live or die, lose your other job, or lose your family. You are expendable and nothing else.

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This Covid has business booming. My Daughter started a few months ago. She clears around $520 a week working 6 days. Not bad for an 18 year old. Hell, when I started at 18 I was lucky to clear $100!

She's slacking! (most recent one, not bad for someone under 21 lmao)


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Thanks for your feedback everyone. I decided to cut ties. I spoke with the Dispatch Manager and my PT Sup and they both were understanding and offered to contact HR to recommend I not have a negative rehire status.

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I thought it was 9 months until they could start getting benefits, which would definitely not make it worth it.
Yes, you gotta work for nine months before you're eligible for medical benefits.