Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by EAM_Master, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. EAM_Master

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    So today I got a talking to by the driver sup. It appears that I was over allowed by 1.74 hours yesterday. I am full time for the season, and being the low man on the totem pole I get the crap truck to drive. In my case it happened to be a rented box van from Ryder. I was looking at the report from yesterday. I did 209 stops and my planned day was an 8.44. Does that seem a little ridiculous to anyone? Do they really expect anyone to run scratch on a made-up route, in a vehicle that is not at all designed to deliver 200 stop, and in an area that I don't know?
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    I'm guessing with that attitude, you will be a part-timer for life.
  3. brown67

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    Yes it's ridiculous. Normal for this time of year. They push new guys, because they know you'll work faster, skip lunch, push it a little more. They might even say if you bring it in faster it will improve your chances of getting hired full time. A full-time driver will just blow them off so they don't bother. Just smile say you'll do better and then go out and run your route the best you can while still being safe.
  4. my that was inspiring...didn't say he didn't want the job, just said his supe was being ridiculous which is nothing new with this company
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    numbers and ups just don't work together very well...
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    I've been coming in 2 hours over since the end of thanksgiving :) gotta love 6 hour dispatches
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    I ran 1.74 over at 2 stops per hr more than I am expected to run, in a truck with all the perks. And yes it was an 8.34 dispatch according to the bible. And I probaly did not take my full lunch or it would have been 2 over. I get talked to daily, and I am doing the best I can, safely. There is much more to peak, trucks are not always loaded stop for stop and you have to sort, run misloads, run pkgs you missed that were buried in the middle, and you just get it done, everyone gets their stuff, and you dont get hurt or have a wreck. And then you have a merry Christmas.
    Then you go back after peak and its boring, and there are 5 different splits in your truck and no way to best run it except for area knowledge. And playing concentration trying to remember where the loader put this or that. And you will still get yelled at for doing the best you can. But sometimes they are not doing the best they can, by providing the loader with a chart that you can also look at and get a clue, but that would require them to have knowledge, which some dont, then its all on you. I could go on, but it will never change you just deal with it.
    Bottom line is unless you are spending 2 hrs on the golf course or actually sitting for hours on end, you can only do so much. They can go over your records, and see what you were doing and if you get held up, you know why, tell them when they ask. When you get 15 msgs that they want someone to come meet you and you have to type a reply on that stupid board, thats worth 3 minutes per reply. It all adds up. Those 1/100 clicks take their toll after a while too, but you get no credit for it.
  8. EAM_Master

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    That's pretty much what I told them. When the sup was giving me crap, I simply said "I'm doing the best I can. Apparently I'm doing something wrong so can you come ride with me and show me how to do it correctly?" He didn't have an answer to that one.
  9. EAM_Master

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!:thumbup1:
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    You have a better chance of becoming president than running scratch on a split from a uhaul truck. Running scratch is like running a 3 minute mile in my center, the time studies are totally bogus. The only people who come back at scratch or under are people who sprint from truck to door and back, skip their lunch, never DR correctly, etc. But ya long as you look good on paper!
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    Your an idiot, know that right?
  12. tieguy

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    Many of us old timers were epected to deliver 300 stops out of a wheel barrow. You're lucky they gave you a rental. :wink:
  13. over9five

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    Ties right! I can remember delivering 300 stops out of a P5 that you couldn't have fit a twinkie in.

    Now it seems everyone has a P10 here, anyway.
  14. browniehound

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    Over95, I can't imagine stuffing 300 stops into a 500, without out EDD and being able to get the job done. This peak I was in a p10 with an excellent preloader (1 misload in 2 weeks) and I still had difficulty finding certain packages. I must have wasted at least 30 minutes over the course on the day looking for parcels. And I knew the Package was there because this preloader never misloads so I just kept "digging" until I found it. Had it been another preloader I would have given up after a minute, and would have came back. But at the same time, "back in the day" I guess the packages were smaller for you "old timers" (no pottery barn:) )
  15. tieguy

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    package size goes in cycles. I think the home shopping club days in the late 80's were the best. They were then followed by the exercise equipment craze. Ugh!!
  16. over9five

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    Oh my God, ya! One Nordik Trak was bad, but two or three would kill your day!
  17. scratch

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    I hated the "Cardio Glides" and the Ab machines as much as the Norditracs.
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    keep your chin up man
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    OMG.......The Nordic-Track.....

    There's a great story about a guy (Who was a little :lol:)from my center and his experience with one!!!......I guess he delivered one to a 3rd floor apartment one day. He brought it into the stairwell, left it at the bottom and ran upstairs to get a signature. The person asked "Aren't you going to carry that up for me?" So he told the customer "I'm sorry, that's as far as I can go with it."

    A few days later he got a call tag for it. Apparently it was damaged. He shows up and said "I hate to bother you, but could you help me carry this down the stairs?" In a smart-ass response the guy said "I'm sorry, this is as far as I can go with it....."

    When the customer said that this guy lost it. He picked up the Nordic-Track, went out on the balcony and pushed it over the railing! It fell 3 stories and landed behind the package car! He went down, loaded it up and drove away.
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    nordic track... at least it comes in one or two boxes at the most...

    How about a BowFlex ultimate! 9 boxes of Bliss...