Does UPS hold your personal driving record against you?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bradley Barnes, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Once a year you have to write down what and how many tickets you have received the past 12 months. Not accidents unless you were ticketed.
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    Hey, Bradley. Of course they do, especially after you have used your real name when asking.
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    As a driver, you fill out a form every year, listing all your moving violations for the last 12 months. Yes, they check. If you got a DUI/DWI and had your license suspended, You have to inform them as such. We had a driver in my department who thought they wouldn't find out. He is a former employee now. If your user name is your real name, you should change it. Good luck.
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    we were told if you had an accident in your personal vehicle , you had to report that too. but i believe the form we had to to fill out was only for citations.

    but charged accidents go against your record also. confusing.

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    What don't they hold against you?
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