Why are you personally against UPS installing AC in all delivery vehicle? (On Topic Only)


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I did more than ten summers in package car in 100°+. It was brutal. But AC in the package cars would make no sense at all.

If you want to be in AC, go into driving feeder.


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There isn't any reason to put AC into the package cars. The 24 foot box trucks and vans, sure, absolutely. They don't get airflow at all in the cabs.

However, there needs to be better ventilation in the package cars. This includes the front. Those little fans don't do a thing when it's 100+ out with humidity. If there was a better way than the kick vents, I'm all ears. I'm thinking something more along the lines of a vented roller shutter on the back door and air vents from the front of the car into the cargo area to push the air out the back as we're driving.

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I did a heavy commercial nut and bolt route in a hot climate for 15 years...the same route.

In those days, we often had gatorade at end of day. Water dispensers appeared gradually and ice machines....

Delivering. Well, it was hot. I just drank ambient temp water from a non insulated container. Whatever that ended up being. I drank whenever I could as needed. Never fell out or came close to it.

I tried to spend as little time as possible in the back. Sometimes, you just had to stop and reload. Face the rear of the car in the breeze(if any) and get to it. Open doors and wind while driving was good enough. Pleasant? No. Shrug. Did this through my mid 40's.

UPS could have an AC blower of some sort(like at Six Flags standing in open air lines) for relief.....I'd rather have a raise.

It could be done.

Venting the back? It could be done. As mentioned, dust, water leaks and all would be insurmountable.


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Start the fights in the center as a lower seniority driver gets the truck with ac, and the higher seniority drivers do not.

Has to be 100 percent or nothing. *
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It would not be practical to add it to old trucks, it could only work for new trucks. As far as the back is concerned, the a/c would not be able to keep up with the heat in the back. Yes, there are systems available that can do it but not the type you see in the Amazon P1000s

As far as the mechanic not fixing it. Most of them would just shoot it with refrigerant rather than find the leak. Most UPS shops are over capacity both in the amount of mechanics and the facility itself, so proper diagnosis would probably get pushed off

With that said, all the a/c works on our feeder trucks at my hub.
Define "works". Please.

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The main concern is the back of the truck. Being exposed to that kind of heat is deadly. Taking care of ourselves outside of that is simple. If there was a solution to remove the heat from the back this would solve the issue potentially.

Would you accept can for is? That truck could be refrigerated and people would still die. From the cold.....

One death is too many.

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