Does your center seem to have more injuries lately

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by gman, May 5, 2005.

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    With the continuing increases in sizes, weights, stop counts and the pressure to do more with less, does you center have an increase in workers comp and disability injuries. We only put out 27 runs a day and have 5/6 guys off hurt. I'm one of them and my boss just called wondering when I'm coming back. Heck, last night was the first time the back pain didn't wake me up in the middle of the night. When I told him a week, and probably two, he was really dissapointed. I told him if I come back to soon, with a driver shortage I'll be working 11 hour days from the git go. So I'm not pushing it. When I'm healthy, I'll be back. Another driver who has a similar injury came back after three weeks and didn't make it through the first day and now he's worse off than before.
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    As the workforce ages and the older bodies continue to wear out with the day in and day out physical abuse of pushing the limits on a very physical job the injuries will continue to mount regardless of how many safety meetings the company sponsors.

    I believe management will continue to attempt to ignore this simple fact of life.

    Gman, you determine when you are coming back on a workman compensation injury?

    The company doctor determines it in my state.

    Usually they use some sort of psychic prognosis of seeing the driver on Friday and forecasting that he will be capable by Monday. [​IMG]
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    I know what your saying Gman the 11 hr days are killing all of us. I started to put this post somewhere else then I read yours and no offense as I know who is legitimatally injured and who is not. And we know the same guy who cuts us short every year........
    And I had the same wondering phone call today, so I thought this post would go here better than the other one.

    I think especially this time of year it is sad when you cant get a day off when it is for personal. Yes I know you can call off, but why not give a day with no guilt. I took an option today as my father was having high risk surgery 130 miles away, I called in to see if I could get tomorrow off as he was unable to go through with it as they questioned if his heart is strong enough to make it. While they are doing all the testing thought it would be a comfort to be there, but seems I am sooooooooooo very important to the company they called me at 344 on my option day to see "how my father was doing",(NOT) and at 346 (what are the odds) from 130 miles away at the hospital I called to see about tomorrow. So I am sure he thinks I am at home surfing the net, and I was returning the call. When in fact I was in an ICU unit with my father in his final days. Im sure someone taking their dog to the vet probaly needs the day off worse, or needs a long weekend. Sad and its only MAY.
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    We have had 3 in the last 3 weeks.
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    We had a driver injured in one of the centers in our bldg and the cause was "method". He had his keys on his finger. When he exited the truck he grabbed the handrail, the keys got caught and he ended up getting 30 stitches in his hand.
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    We don't have "injuries" in our center. The injuried parties are intimidated into claiming it's a "disability".
    Thankfully, I haven't been hurt in over a decade.
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    I think the company abuses the term "disability" to their benefit more often than not.
    If I break my arm, am I "disabled" or "injured"?
    I believe "disability" suggests a long term situation that affects one or more of life's activities.
    Perhaps the company does this so they can show the government how many "disabled" people they employ. Kinda sad isn't it?
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    If it's on disability then the gov't leaves them alone. But all comp cases are watched by state and/or feds (OSHA)
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    You are talking about two different things.

    Worker's Comp is for people hurt on the job.

    Disability is for people that are hurt off the job or have an illness that will keep them from coming to work.

    UPS doesn't determine whether an employee is injured on or off the job. If you report that you were injured at work, then it should be called in as a worker's comp injury. UPS can contest it if they think you did it off the job, but their insurer, consulting with the employee docs, will make the final determination.

    Worker's comp injuries are a real sore spot with me - I see too many UPS employees abuse the system to get a day or two off, and that only hurts the honest employees.
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    Proups U.P.S will ues language to cook the books that is the point about calling it disability.
    You are barffing up the crap that U.P.S says about work comp.Work comp is a broken system designed to help companys delay or down right lie about some who is really hurt .This company doctors are puppets on strings pulled by the company.

    According to UPS's website the company has reduced lost workdays due to injury by 43%, (from 11.1 to 6.3 per 200,000 hours) in just two years (2000-2002). The 2007 goal is 3.2 injuries per 200,000 hours. That's a 71% drop in 7 years. The website credits CHSP, equipment improvement, and training for the dramatic reduction of lost workdays

    What the website does not mention however is how the company uses Temporary Alternative Work as a means of reducing lost workdays. TAW doesn't really reduce injuries just the lost workdays. A truly safe workplace is about reducing injuries. Using TAW to sweep injuries under the carpet is merely a numbers ploy not a safety strategy.
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    crappie: we'll agree to disagree. TAW has proven to get people back to their regular jobs faster. That is why UPS uses it - just like all other companies.

    It is also an effective tool to make sure the people who abuse the system keep coming in, rather than doing what they want while off work, totally ignoring their "injury."

    You say I am "barfing up the crap that UPS says about Worker's Comp." No, I'm not. I am merely making a personal observation. So what if what I say goes along with UPS....I get tired of seeing people abuse the system.
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    most of the people who are on work comp are hurt .the people who are abusing the system are the company doctors sending people back to work to early.these folks who you speak of that abuse the system are very few.
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    People with back injuries get a bad rap. My neighbor got on me yesterday because I was trimming the grass around my lawn. "I thought you were hurt!" Well here is the problem. I'm supposed to go from laying in bed for 3/4 weeks doing nothing to delivering 140 plus stops a day with p/u's that send 30+ oversize pkgs that go from 80 to 140 pounds? You have to go back to normal day to day chores before you can go back to a job that every one knows is one of the toughest you can have. Heck I tried to cut my grass today because I thought I was feeling pretty good and maybe go back to work next week. The doc said give it a try. I got about a fouth of it done and hurt so bad I couldn't walk.

    But if you go by the 30 seconds worth of bend here, twist there, physical a company doctor does, he would send me back to work. Yea I can touch my toes and lean to my left and right, but lets include haveing to pick up three or four 70 pound steel dies off the floor, carrying them 100 feet to the parking lot and put it in the back of a 700. They don't include that in their report. But thats reality. Dragging Nordic tracks and bowflex machines out from all the stuff that has fallen on them from under the shelves, and getting them to the 3rd floor of an apartment building. Thats what should be included in a return to work physical.

    I'm 52 years old and have been a UPSer 34 years. I need to work until I'm at least 57. My doctors know that and I'm sure I will not be going back to work until I am able to do so. Every doctor I know, knows the reputation of UPS. The deny everything and want you back before you are ready. My chiropractor hasn't been paid for work from three years ago. I got a call last month, the insurance company lost all the paperwork from that claim and want me to resubmit it all. Heck, I don't even remember what it was anymore.

    I'm sorry Proups. I get the impression you have never had to deal with the dark side of UPS. When your turn comes, and it will, you will understand.
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    gman: you sound like you have a legitimate injury and are treating it the right way.

    I too am a long-term UPSer. I hurt my back off the job 12 years ago, and after two years of working in pain and hooked on Vicodin, I finally had surgery. I don't believe a chiropractor can fix a bad back - sorry.

    Like you, four weeks after surgery I was out cutting my grass to see if I could return to work. It hurt, but it showed me my limitations. I don't remember how long after that it was before I returned to full duty, but now I work within my limits, and still get the job done.

    Have you had surgery? If not, go see a neurologist - they can fix your back. It will never be 100%, but you can lead an active life and you will know what you can and can't do.

    I hope you get better soon - and you can make it to 57!
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    crappie: "most of the people who are on work comp are hurt .the people who are abusing the system are the company doctors sending people back to work to early.these folks who you speak of that abuse the system are very few."

    Your posts on this thread lead me to believe that you like to take a few days off by calling in an injury. I hope I'm dead wrong.

    You call the doctors that UPS uses "company doctors." Those doctors are subject to the same malpractice laws that any other doctors are subject to, but they can also spot someone making a mountain out of a molehill.

    You think the people that abuse the system are very few? I saw a presentation at a safety meeting that Worker's Comp was projected to cost UPS more than it's profits by 2007 if it continued at it's current rate. Do you really want that to happen? Look at GM - they recently reported the same thing. Now what - job cuts? Very likely. You really think UPS is wrong to get serious about this?

    I'm sorry - we all know drivers that get hurt about the same time every year. The people who get hurt in March because it is time to go fishing. The people who get hurt in May because it is time to plant their garden. The people who get hurt in September because it is time to go hunting. AND last, but most irritating, the people who get hurt in November to avoid peak season.
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    Proups are you shocked that UPS has a high cost for work comp?DO you know what UPS people do?The jobs at UPS tear your body up ,maybee you have not been in touch with what is going on.
    As far as myself I was hurt and saw the UPs doctor many many times for the injury to my back .He sent me back to work when I should have been under the knife.Now my back is trashed for good thanks to the company doctor.
    "I'm sorry - we all know drivers that get hurt about the same time every year. The people who get hurt in March because it is time to go fishing. The people who get hurt in May because it is time to plant their garden. The people who get hurt in September because it is time to go hunting. AND last, but most irritating, the people who get hurt in November to avoid peak season."
    This is such a small percent why even talk about it?Lets talk about what is going like this job is a very manual job and people get hurt and need medical attention quickley.Company doctors are there to do just enough not to get sued, and save the company money.
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    Oh boy you all have touched a nerve with me on this thread.If you are hurt(and you know you are) & UPS is giving you a hard time GET A LAWYER NOW!Let me tell you all,I had one hell of work comp nightmare that I wish I could tell.I will say this they will send you home after 30 days TAW,take away your health benefits and hang you out to dry.
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    crappie: we'll agree to disagree.

    I'm not out of touch, and if you read my post you would see that I've had a back injury as well. I did go under the knife, and now I'm fine. I make sure that I get proper medical treatment, and I don't let anybody rush me back to work but me.

    I've been at UPS for over 26 years.....I know the jobs and what they do to the human body. I also know many people who walk away after 30+ years and never had an injury.

    You seem to want to deny that there are many people that abuse the system. Maybe not where you are, but there are plenty where I am.....and they need to go.
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    Yes Johnny work comp is a night mare.Hearing your story I understand all to well ,with out going into details.
    Proups count your blessings that you were not hurt on the job .You got quick treatment and back on your feet.Work comp is a differnt story you get jerked around bad ,from all sides!
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    We have one in our center who hasn't worked 5 months in 5 years. But for the rest, they gut it out most of the time. In fact the guy that is covering my route right now broke his finger and was back the next day.

    I have been diagnosed with degenerative disk as of five years ago. That is not covered by Workers comp. I believe it was caused, at least in part by a serious strain in 1995. Unfortunately, the doctors that I have seen agree it was probably a contributing factor, but none will put it in writing to go to court over. I felt all the vertibrae in my low back move. Since then, I have had recuring strains due to the weakening of the muscles and ligaments. UPS tried to deny that claim and everyone since. I only had a loss time injury three times and each required a lawyer. After the disk diagnosis, I would just use vacation time til I was strong enough to come back. But I would report every strain I got. After a while I got put on a HIT LIST! There were four or five people in our district with a high amount of injury claims. They started following us and when they saw you do something that didn't follow safety methods, they nailed you. They got me for ot using the handrail ONE TIME. That got me a letter saying if I was seen failing to follow safty methods, I would be disapplined up to and including termination. Use 'em up and kick 'em out!