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    I have come to loathe Friday nights Saturday mornings. I always seem to grab a bad Dollie at my turn. The set I bring in sometimes stays together and even if not I leave the Dollie for my meet driver. No big deal as I usually have sort delay anyways.

    I pretrip dollies good. The problem I've had in my 3 months in feeders so far are dollies that have a valve stuck open. This morning I get set hooked, turn on air to rear, crank legs up and come back by Dollie to hear air escaping from underneath the frame. Pisses me off, there is no way to check for that. But my question is am I doing something wrong. The leak today was under the driver side of Dollie right in the middle. I just don't know. Feel like its me cause out of all the dollies to choose I seem to pick the 1 out of a 100 that's bad. It's been at least 3 times I've had this on a Saturday morning.

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    wow, that was a waste, i can't believe I read this. Repeat after me, hand truck, haaaannnd truuuucckkk. Lmao
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    Someone be lazy and doesn't post trip well.
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    Uhruh... You know he's talking about the axle between two feeder trailers, right?
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    I check the FHWA sticker and try to pick one with the most recent inspection.
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    hmm, I never had this problem. But since you seem to have it on a regular basis, you might want to consider this suggestion. I don't know if it is doable( I will know when I am back at work). If you pull the tractor right next to a dolly, is there enough slack/length in the tractor airlines and dolly airlines to make a connection? If so, would hooking up the airlines and opening up the trailer air valve allow you to test for an airleak from the dolly?
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    Yeah it should be doable if you detach the tractor airlines from the metallic springy thigamajig that keeps them high up. Now will this method work???
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    And is he doing something wrong? If he opens up the right valve first or the left valve first on the trailer that feeds the dolly , will one way or the other screw up the valve?
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    I thought I was keeping up with the convo, then you threw the "metallic springy thingamajig" into the mix and I got lost. Dang.
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    It's post like this that keep me coming back.
    ​I've been chuckling for at least 5 minutes!
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    That's usually just a K-valve leaking and it will go away on it's own most of the time if it's just a slight hiss. If it's bellowing out then it's definitely a red tag.

    metallic-springy-thingamagiggy is called the "pogo stick". It's function is to raise your air lines because they aren't supposed to touch metal at any point. It's other function is to stop a dolly that someone just lets go flying into the dolly pile.
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    [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    I kinda like dollie myself !!! Just Sayin

    You might want to waste a little more time and read it again.:wink2:
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    You're not doing anything wrong. Sometimes equipment just fails, but most of the time you're dealing with lazy drivers who just don't care, or who are in too much of a hurry to do a proper post-trip. I can't speak for other drivers here, but if I've got leak underneath the dolly, I take it to the shop. Glad hand leaks are one thing, but a leak in a valve sends me straight to the shop. But I don't know why it pisses you off. Why worry about things you can't control? Trips to the shop, delays and holdups are all easy money. Cha-ching, brother.
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    Thanks Hoax lol. Evidently, hand trucks vs dollies is a regional thing lol.
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    Me thinks she still doesn't get it!!
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    If you're supplying air to the second trailer properly (service first, then air supply), it always hisses till you turn on the air supply (red), right???
    Is that what the OP means? If so, it's normal.
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    P.S. I've always called them "two wheelers"!
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    Its a Dolly!...And don't mess with my
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