DOT hours

Richard Harrow

You cannot punch in until 10 hours & 1 minute after the time you punched out last night.

You could also be liable to pay a steep fine for working over 14 hours. Dont do it.


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As the young hip crowd say, Your center and district manager will have a cow this morning. But just act dumb it will be all right.


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Do not punch in. Call in let them be aware you cant punch in till your 10 hr off period clears...they may have you come in bleed UPS stores or take stops off do not want that fine


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If the OP is a run/gun guy I'm guessing some creative computer work has already been done to show he worked 13.99 hours.

I've seen it happen.

Your center manager needs all the experienced drivers he can get during peak.


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@BucsGuy, It is possible that you were extended 2 hours over the 14. This can be done essentially once a week assuming you’re resetting over the weekend.

If you are never driving a vehicle over 10,000 lbs. none of the DOT Hours of service rules would apply anyway. If you are driving a vehicle over 10,000 lbs, most drivers are, then you can’t punch in until you’ve had over 10 hours off duty. @Richard Harrow had it right

Edit: another thing to keep in mind is that if you stopped driving/ your return building time was less than 14 hours from your start time then you wouldn’t have violated either
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