Double-shifted the HUB

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    I'll sure tell you one thing...when I double-shift in the hub I feel as though I get raped without being kissed. LOL :) ...those people in there work their :censored2: off on a daily basis and I am not at all envious. Gotta give kuddos to those folks because they sure do earn their money. Yeah, so I double-shifted today and was unloading cans that had some VERY heavy packages in them. I'm pretty strong for a female of 130lbs but JEEZUS! I was unloading packages that had kilograms and not poundage information. Well I unloaded box after box of these bastards...little did I know (because I looked it up) that 49kgs equals out to be a little over 100lbs. No friggin' wonder my back feels as though it has been walked on in all the wrong places, over and over. I'm by no means a lazy slacker and I love the money just as much as any UPSer who has to scrounge for minutes... but I just don't see how the hard work like that pays off. I probably won't be doing the double-shift anymore...not like that. It isn't worth it to me. When I clocked out and was headed to the truck, my thoughts were of drinking a good old cold beer when I got home...but as I lay here on the couch watching the Kentucky Derby coverage on the television, it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. :) ...I think I'll do a strong cup of coffee instead....*phew*...:greedy:
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    How about for 26/hr?

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    "I feel as though I get raped without being kissed." Their is a part of me that wants to incorporate that experssion with a UPS catch phrase.:crazy:
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    it only gets easier. after awhile you get to the top of the hill and you can work for 16 hour days in the hub for a month. the first time is rough. really rough.