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    Starting back on August 1, 2014, My hub in Oklahoma City banned double shifting. The only double shifting that was allowed was preload and package pullers, is what I believe their position is called. So, except for peak season, no one on twilight or midnight is allowed to double on either shift. I’ve heard different reasons as to why. One being that the Union was demanding to make more full time positions since us part timers are basically working 8 hour days all the time. So UPS said no more double shifting. Another reason is that our hub cost the company over three million dollars from damaged extendos and trucks from a fire about five years ago. I never really got a straight answer, but I’ve been told by stewards and other full time sups that our hub is basically the only hub that bans double shifting throughout the whole year. The first year of the ban a lot of people filed griveances for supervisors working and got a lot of money, but UPS still hasn’t budged on this. Does anyone have any info or input on this?
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    Keep filing and make that cash money doing less work. $$$
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    The only time I've seen someone double shift was during peak.

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    If one part timer is double shifting, then you are taking a job away from another dues-paying part time union position.
    The union is not against you but just making sure UPS properly staffs the warehouse.
    Peak is the only time the union will look the other way.
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    i bet they save money from paying grievances, then letting people double shift
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    They probably do it to offset my building, where double shifting is open most of the year.
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    UPS 101----if it helps UPS's bottom line they can do it.
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    Keep filing. Take the money.
  9. barnyard

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    In a contract year, UPS will not allow double shifting. That would be a clear indication that more FT jobs are needed. Same reason for the crackdown on PT OT. It is a rare week that a preloader does over 25 hours off peak in my building.
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    They double shift in our building all the time. The retention percentage for new hires is horrendous. They cannot even get people to apply. There is a proposal I believe on the table if a pt'er double shifts 30 times in 60 days the company would create a FT job. Who gets the position is another matter. I am sure seniority would apply.
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    Like the other person said if its helping the bottom line ups wont care. Is the building old? Are they making it look like their numbers are better? Are they saying they are working x amount of people but arent and supervisors are working? I would say if you have any feeling at all that a supervisor is working so a pter cant double shift, file. There is a fight going on in my building now, we have a midnight shift where people are unloading trailers and loading trailers but they arent having people load trucks until preload gets in. They have supervisors for the belts but no loaders.