double standard??



I ship with ups but can't get alot of my questions answered when i call the 800 number..maybe some of you can help..
to start i manufacture pet medication..its a cream, i package it in new corragated boxes,12 per box, with corragated dividers between each jar. I put bubble wrap in the box first, put in my jars and dividers then another layer of bubble wrap..this is how my ups rep showed me to pack it..some time ago i had a case crushed and 2 of my jars got broken..(according to the paper work)when it was sent back to me all of the contents were thrown into a plastic garbage bag (except for the bubble wrap)stuck in a big worn out box and sent back.. on the way back 4 more jars got broken(they are very tuff polypropelene jars with a heat seal liner on top) my question is..why do i have to go through such hurdles to properly package my items and the ups guys who sent it back could care less whether there were any cushioning material the protect my stuff or not?? also when i filed my claim only the original 2 were allowed to be claimed...thanks,keith



The small package environment requires serious packing protection that few people, even shippers are fully aware of.

The image of your package being carried by hand by a UPS driver through the full transport of the system is a nice one, but economically unfeasible.

The package has to travel unaccompanied a considerable distance on belts, down slides, against diverters and stacked in semis that go bump in the night all the while interacting with packages up to 150 pounds.

The industry standards require a minimum of two inches on all sides of the fragile contents.

Most shippers are unwilling for understandable economical reasons to actually follow the minimum standards for shipping in the small package environment both for the added packing expense and the additional costs of increasing both the weight and size of the package and choose to accept some damage loss and the attendant inconvenience as a consequence.

Your packaging while I believe not up to the strict small package requirements are within a reasonable economical package protection compromise considering the relative toughness of your containers which is why your account exec recommended or approved them.

Unfortunately, hubs and centers are designed to transport packages and not to package packages.

The supplies they have available repackage something that was improperly packed or in your case was damaged despite decent packaging are very limited and to create full packing facilities at all points in the UPS system would not be economical for UPS or it's customers.

That said, you should be compensated for your damaged product and that includes that damaged on the return trip as well as your shipping.

Persevere with your account exec on this issue rather than the nameless and personalitiness 800 number and sorry for your inconvenience.

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Thats big brown. Try calling your rep directly. If that doesn't work get a phone number for Corporate in Atlanta, GA. Call in a "corp concern" (we no longer call them complaints). If that doesn't work, tell them you are going elsewhere. If that doesn't work, go somewhere else. They will call you then.



I cant add much to what was said. All of the damaged containers are to be reimbursed. UPS damaged all of them, regardless of which way it went. Furthermor, if any of the others are unsalable because the contents of the damaged ones covered the others, or are not in salable retail condition, then even if they are not broken, they are damaged and should be reimbursed by UPS.

Keep the whole carton, all the contents therin and call the account rep that you have. Wear them out with phone calls.

If you have any other questions post back.



Thanks for ya'lls help.. i can remember one time i faxed the claim form,and my invoice 8 times before it got paid..i lost more money on the phone calling about this claim that the claim was actually worth..finally i told the girl..please stand by the fax machine and tell me if it comes out.."oh..the fax machine is in another building..." later on i had a claim that was short paid by granted thats not a lot but..would you beleive i had to call over 10 times and speak with 3 supervisors before they would pay it....its like trying to call your senator and speak with him...


I think that's what UPS hopes you will do !Just give up.I had to make about 15 phone calls to get my claim paid. I just made sure I did it on UPS time.