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    My route is full of dogs so my dreams of work are usually that of being chased by a dog. I'm always so determined in my dream to get that customers package to the porch. I'll come up with all kinds of distractions to fool the dog. Odd that if it were real I'd leave it out by the mailbox...hmmm, I wonder if my conscience is talking to me
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    Funny this thread came up today, I had a dream last night. I'm in Feeders now, but it was a package dream.

    I had just left the building, and a driver and sup met me to give me more packages.
    But first they have to sheet them (on paper) so I can sign for them.
    I go around back to open the back doors (It's like a P5 with barn doors).
    It's really full with packages sliding out.
    I ask why they have to sheet them, aren't they already scanned 'out for delivery"??
    Ended there.....hope I got them delivered!
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    I normally don't remember my dreams. But according to my wife, I must have had a great one last night. I wish I could remember it, I told her I must have been dreaming about her!:surprised:
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    That's known as "fast thinkin'", Scratch!
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    This is really weird but definitely true. I have a dream where I feel like im on the belt and like all my stuff is getting past me. Its really weird because like I never actually see the center or anything I just get this sick feeling as if things are getting past me on the belt, like a worried feeling. Ill wake up thinking im at work.
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    My dreams have taken a turn for the better since McCain choose his running mate.
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    Nice running mate too.
  9. PASinterference

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    Not meaning to get off subject,but how do you like feeders?Ive been considering it myself.Getting tired of the war zone.
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    What's that dream exactly,... . mom's covering up their daughter's teen pregnancies?
  11. drewed

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    i have quite a few UPS related dreams, if its not actually at work its everyone from work...
    like walking through walmart and everyone working there is a ramper or driver
    or going through the drive thru and my center manager asking me if i need a drink carrier :s
  12. Big Babooba

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    Nice recovery:wink2:
  13. Diegotron

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    He must've had a "play it off kit".
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    I actually had this dream. I don't know what I ate the night before. It must have been that rubbing alcohol I drank.

    I was driving down a country road without seeing a house for miles. I come to an intersection where I can either go straight or turn right. To the left is a huge Greek Revival style house with 4 large columns holding up the porch roof.

    I took the right turn to get to my next stop. The road was very steep and straight for the next 8 miles. I get to the top of the hill when the truck dies. I start to creep back so I step on the brake pedal only to have it go to the floor. I grab the hand brake and it breaks off in my hand.

    The truck continues down the mountain in reverse picking up speed. All I can do is hold on to the steering wheel for dear life as I watch my progress in the mirrors. (yes, I did remember to honk the horn). Near the bottom of the 8 mile hill, I remembered the house. I closed my eyes as the runaway truck blew through the intersection and crashed into the house.

    The house was totally destroyed. Only the 4 columns were left standing. The homeowner walks out of the rubble holding his phone. He hands it to me and says, "It's for you.". It was my center manager and he asks, "Did you scratch the truck?" I said, "No, but there is a little problem.", He says, "We already know.".

    A car pulls up and 3 guys in cheap black suits get out. They each have a briefcase. The leader goes up to the homeowner and asks him how much it would cost to fix his house. The homeowner hands him an estimate for $500,000. He goes back to the other two and they get into a huddle. They break and walk over to the homeowner.

    "We'll give you $47.92 and not a penny more.", said the leader. He rips a check out of a book. All the checks are preprinted in the amount of $47.92. The guy says that the check wouldn't cover the cost to replace the doorknob.

    The suits turn around just as a Sanford & Son style pick up pulls up with 5 guys sitting in the back. On the side is painted, "We'll Fix Any House in 20 Minutes or Less for $47.92. The homeowner walks up to the truck and hands the driver the check.

    20 minutes later the crew climbs back into the truck. The homeowner stops them and points out that they didn't paint the house. The driver, chomping on a cigar, points down to the side of the truck and says, "The sign says fixin'. not paintin'.".
    The exasperated guy then walks over to the suits and tells them that the house needs paint.

    The 3 suits get back into a huddle, open their briefcases and pull out 3 cans of spray paint, 1 pink, 1 gray, and 1 fluorescent green. They hand them to him and give him a roll of masking tape for his troubles. He says,"Cool!" and carries then into the house. He comes out and hands me an ice cream cone.

    I've gone through months of therapy over this dream. I still have 2 issues.
    1. What is the significance of $47.92? 2. Why did I get an ice cream cone?

    Any input would be most appreciated. Thankyou
  15. upsgrunt

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    I think you have more than 2 issues:happy2:
  16. Diegotron

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    Big, WOW. Just wow.
  17. brownmonster

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    Were you wearing pants?
  18. drewed

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    so did anything signigant happen to you when you were 47 or in 92?
    i actually read a article (it was like a metaphyscial mag) and 11 comes out there arespirits around you and signigant things will happen at 11 4,=11 9,2=11

    id say the icecream wasnt nessarilly for you, its you trying to get back a missed time, maybe with the kids or grandkids. and the homeowner wasnt the homeowner its either your mom or your wife....
  19. dilligaf

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    Holy crap Big, I sure hope this didn't have anything to do with chat the other nite. Ya know............when you gave me the diamond.:surprised:

    That's some dream, WOW.
  20. Big Babooba

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    I had it about six months ago. The only time I ever dreamed about UPS in my 30 years with the company. I can only relate to 2 parts of the dream. I used to have a major ice cream manufacturer on an old route. They had an all you can eat sundae bar that I visited every day while waiting for the pick up.(the Big Babooba almost became the Big Big Babooba because of them). The other is when my brake pedal dropped to the floor because the linkage came apart. I just exited an interstate and was at the top of the exit ramp when it happened.I was doing 45-50 mph and there was a line of cars at the bottom waiting for the light to change. I was fortunate enough to be driving a Ford P1000 that had the Lucas hydraulic parking brake. I pulled the knob and the truck skidded to a stop. Luckily the light had changed and the cars in front of me were gone. God was watching over me that day. BTW, I stood by exit 5 all last night and again youdidn't show up:sad-little: