driver certified or not?

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    How do you check if someone is driver certified. Got a kd in my center that they use sometimes to do airs. We were talking the other day and he said that a d.sup sent him to do the dot physical he got the dot card but he never went on a ride so he doesnt kno if he is driver cerrified or not. Any thoughts on this guys sounds kinda fishy cuz he drives almost everyday.smh
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    He's either is a pt driver or he isn't if he drives Air sometimes he is Qualified to drive....
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    Why do you care???
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    He is a good kid so i dont want him to get in any trouble u kno how management is they use ppl then when :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: hits the fan they pull themselves out. He told me the sup sent him to do the dot. Physcial but he never did the road test but they let him drive anyway. He is kinda concerned too. He is a partimer anyway he loads my truck then he goes out to del air.
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    Pretty sure all he really needs is that DOT card.

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    Passing a UPS road test in a package car doesn't certify you for anything. Some states I think may require a chauffeurs license, for vehicle over 10k lbs. must have DOT medical examiners card to drive commercial vehicle.
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    I like to make sure all my union brothers and sisters are not setup in anyway by management period.