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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Chrismydawg, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Chrismydawg

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    Hey i just got a position as a driver helper!! Awesome but i know its just the first step. I have a couple of questions and maybe someone out there can help answer.

    #1- What are my chances of being hired in after the discontinuation of the driver helper position in late December. What positions are the best to pursue after i'm done as a helper. Some info about me are i'm a male and i live in NE ohio, 22 years old and a college student?

    #2- What attitude should i bring to this helper job that will give me the best chance to continue after January 1st?

    #3- Do they start hiring on January 1st or is it later than that?

    Any answers you can give are great!
  2. disneyworld

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    Ask when you go to pick up your last check. I had a helper one year who got a part time preloader job after xmas and within 6 months he was a supervisor.
  3. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    1)you should have asked this in your job interview
    2) the type of attitude you should bring is the right attitude

    your chances of being hired after the discontinuation cannot be measured in a vaccuum. in my centre and economy, it's extremely high as all three of our sorts and driving positions are grossly understaffed. in flint michigan, it's probably a lot different, there are no openings, and there is a waitlist of 10 employees ahead of you.

    on top of that, it's based on how you rub off on your supervisors, colleagues, etc. you can bust your ass off, but if you have a poor repore with your driver, you better look for new work.

    as always with these redundant threads, we don't have the answers; talk to co-workers and your manager, a job offer being extended to you is based half on your work ethic, half on the economic and staffing conditions in your centre. being that you didn't address this in your job interview, you should ask your manager. asking him this would not only give you the correct answer to your question (as here you won't get it), he/she will remember you at the top of his/her head when asked by HR if he/she knows of 3 people who can take up positions right away.

    enjoy your job. welcome to brown.
  4. Chrismydawg

    Chrismydawg New Member

    Thank you mr. hoser for you wisdom and raw answers!! I am new to this site as i am new to UPS so this redundancy you speak i am not aware of. I came to work my butt off and try to ask questions of those people that i can get truthful answers from, real hard working employees like myself. Do you think you can believe everything you hear in an interview...real answers can be found through those who have gone through the fire everyday!! Also i can read regular font so the raised font trick was unnecessary. Thank you and hopefully i might get some more helpful folk along the way.
  5. aspenleaf

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    Hey welcome and don't let him bother you. You just happen to be the 5th person to ask almost the same questions and that gets some people's panties in a bunch.

    Work hard and do what you are told. Do not complain about it being cold or that you have too much work. You will lift heavy boxes and have to take them up 10 flights of stairs and then back down when the customer is not home. Just remember that whatever you do your driver does all the time. If you are good they can recommend that you are hired. I do not know how often that happens. You can also ask your HR person or check on and see what is open in your area. Your area is different than mine; we are always hiring in my hub. What are your plans after peak? Do you want a part-time job with UPS that pays for your schooling? There are various shifts you can work that should work with your school schedule. There are a lot of options with UPS. I work preload and go to school full time and I like the work. It is a great workout! Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    I don't get it, you ask a question, and you get a reply, and you still find a way to whine. Your logic that the interviewer would lie to you when asked questions about future employment and advancement is just preposterous, and just an excuse for not asking. Why the hell would they lie when you're knowingly applying for a seasonal driver helper position? If you seriously believe an HR rep would feed you lies when you ask him questions after the "do you have any questions?" part, then why the hell are you putting your time (and faith) into the company? I thought HR people who actually know the staffing situation "have gone through the fire everyday"?

    We can't give you real answers. We don't know the staffing situation in your centre. All we can tell you is the trite "work hard", "show up on time" and "have a positive attitude" crap you'd think a college student would know. Oh, and ask your boss, unless you think he's a liar or something. Why you'd want to work for a liar beats the hell outta me :confused:1
  7. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    "Why you'd want to work for a liar beats the hell outta me.".
    It might be that "ethics" thing.
    I think new management have the best intentions but, suddenly, realize that in order to survive they must "twist the truth".
    After the first few lies it becomes easier and the nature of the beast.
  8. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    You're right, but let's put this in context. Why would a manger want to lie to a seasonal employee who applied for a seasonal position, knowing that such position would be seasonal.

    If a seasonal employee is that cynical, I don't see what benefit he/she gets by asking UPSers online in Arizona as to whether or not he/she will get a permanent offer extended to him/her.
  9. browniehound

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    Hi Chrismy, a buddy of mine started as a helper at peak 2002. He was then hired part-time in FEB of '03. He scored a combo job in late '03 (midnight sort,/air driving) but got into an accident in his first 30 days so he was disquified. He now has a full-time combo job consisting of car wash/preload. So my opinion is, it depends on your area but, where I'm from it doesn't take much to get re-hired after x-mas.
  10. Chrismydawg

    Chrismydawg New Member

    Hoser just a misunderstanding

    I'm sorry Mr. Hoser, i must be misunderstood i guess. I was just trying to find out some answers and i'm glad you were able to give me some. I have experienced companies that don't exactly tell you the truth and i assumed it was that way with most companies and that you just had to deal with it. I must be mistaken with UPS and that is my bad, but it is good to find a great business model that has very good ethics. Also i was not aware that this is just for UPSers in Arizona so once again that is my fault. Maybe i should of just kept my mouth shut and just read the threads and not try to contribute. I appreciate the help Mr. Hoser, you were of a great benefit to me.
  11. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Re: Hoser just a misunderstanding

    Chrismy, don't listen to mr. hoser. He's just that. A Hoser! Keep your nose clean and you should have no problem getting re-hired.
  12. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    OK, this may be rude, forgive me, but is english your native language? I am just curious.
  13. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    Re: Hoser just a misunderstanding

    Guy, all I said was "search before you post". Search the forums, and if you have a question, add it to an existing thread. Ask questions at the centre-level, then throw what you heard at us for our analysis. Asking us "will I get hired?" doesn't help anyone much, we can't say if you will get hired, we don't know how you rubbed off to the manager, we don't know how many vacancies (if any) exist at your centre, we can only give you the "keep your nose clean", "give a can-do attitude" tripe, alongside the "UPS sucks" "I hate hoffa, bla bla bla" "your manager is a deceptive SOB, don't listen to him" lines that come with this forum.
  14. rod

    rod retired and happy

    from where I'm from your chances of being kept on after Christmas are none and none. Heck they lay off a half of the full time people. They don't get everybody back at work until the middle of March.
  15. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    whereas at my centre we beg the helpers to stay on as full time drivers who start at $16.80/hr...all depends on the centre's economic and hr situation.