Driver Helper Application process (few questions)

Well I'm just posting here for reference for those who are nervous about the interview. I just went to an UPS Baldwin Park application process.

The Details:
Well I arrived early, they started the whole thing about 5-10 minutes late (I guess some padding time for those who are late). We went in for a group explaination first. They basically went over a few things on what will be happening and what to expect (such as the pay rate, time for "on call", no tatoos on certain areas of your body, etc...). Then they handed out several pages for you to read (explaining about the criminal background check, you can request a report for free). You sign three pages then they interview you.
The interview isn't that bad (for those who are a bit phobic to interviews). It's just an overview of your application, answer questions about your past job (if any), how did you about ups hiring,, etc...and then you schedule for orientation.

So I'm scheduled for orientation on tuesday. ^_^

First question:
Is it possible for drivers to request help the night before? I was hoping to know before going to sleep, so that I can plan what to do the next day....

Second question:
When they request for help, do we meet up at an ups office or some unknown location? (i only know my way around visually, otherwise I have to print out a mapquest direction)

Are 70 lbs packages common? Are the big boxes easy to grab onto? (as long as I have a good grip, I could carry packages well, regardless of weight)


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You don't usually know until that morning. You meet on the area of the route you are working. Over 70's are not common,most of the pkgs going to houses will be light.