Driver Helper getting on part time as a Package Handler

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    Well guys I need some help. Any information or tips that anyone can provide would be great, I am a driver helper and am looking to get on part time, the hub acts like it will be March or April before they hire any new package handlers due to all the lay offs and they got me on a list but how hard will it be for me to get on? I done a good job as a helper and the driver said he put in a good word for me they even kept me after the peak and I am still working as helper and from I have been told is that I must had done a good job as they don't keep many of them after peak. The hub said they was going to be looking at the helpers that done a good job first to fill some positions but that is pretty much the story so if anyone has any tips or good advice it would be very much appreciated.
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    UPS has a facebook page, the chicks there will be happy to help you.
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    Just keep doing what you are doing. We are beginning our slow season---things should start picking up again in April.
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    Just another month barnyard an all should be back to normal. Except for the where's my package people of course.
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    I should just go post on
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    I hope things do pick up and thanks all for your input.
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    Let your helper coordinator and/or HR rep know you're interested in a permanent inside job with UPS - they should be able to advise you. Otherwise, fill out an application on-line as soon as it becomes available (they'll probably recruit for spring shortly). Honestly... despite what you read on BC, other than perhaps a few communities, these aren't competitive jobs & are offered to anybody showing interest (they'll attempt to discourage you from taking it(
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    Thanks you for your input, I did tell the coordinator at the hub that I was interested but I'll have to wait and see what happens.
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    This is the time of the year that there is a big drop in volume and they lay people off. They aren't going to hire anyone until they know the volume is picking up that could be anytime from now to April of May....