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  1. ineedajob

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    Hey I got hired as a driver helper and according to the HR manager I will be using the DIAD 4 a lot. We went over the DIAD in class and I learned how to create a stop and how to fill in information about that stop, such as how to scan the barcode of the package for that stop, how to get the person's signature, and so forth. But my question do I get to this point (the point where I can create a stop and enter information for that stop)? It doesn't have to be too detailed, but can someone please give me the steps that I must take to get to that point starting from the moment I turn on the DIAD for the first time that day? I really don't want to get stuck and slow the driver down.
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    If you're doing a Driver Release for a non-apartment, you press the scan button then you scan the barcode. The stop will then come up in the DIAD. Then you press the "big down" button. At the bottom of the screen, you will see different options, with corresponding buttons under them. You press the button that is for "Deliver". Then you select your delivery location. Typically it will be Porch, which is 6. Then you press the "Stop Complete" button and you're done. The driver can point out to you which buttons are the ones I just named.

    If you're delivering to an apartment, you first scan the package. Automatically, on the next screen, the "cursor" will be in the "Room" field. You type the apartment number there and hit the "Enter" button. Then you can type in the floor number. Press "big down". You will press the signature button, then you will press Enter again to enter the signature screen. When the customer has signed for the package, you will press signature again and it will take you to the "Clarify" field. You type in the last name of the person who received the package from you. You will have to ask them for this name, as you can almost never read what they signed. At this point I can't remember if you hit Enter or press the Signature button to get out of the signature screen. Once you're out, you press Stop Complete. It will prompt you specify whether it was a Residential or Commercial stop. 1 for Res, 2 for Com.

    If an apartment customer is not home and the complex does not accept customer packages:

    1) Scan package
    2) Enter apt number
    3) Enter Floor
    4) big down
    5) scan infonotice (fill out the infonotice)
    6) Select "NonDel"
    7) Press 4 for "Not In"
    8) Select the proper delivery attempt number (1, 2, or 3)
    9) Stop Complete
    10) 1 for Res

    Hopefully I didn't mess up on any of these instructions.
  3. ineedajob

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    Hey thanks, that was very helpful. But can you tell me the steps I need to take to get to that point when I can start creating a stop and entering information about this stop? OK, so I turn on the DIAD for the first time for a particular workday...What do i do starting from there?
  4. UPSGUY72

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    Your not going to learn anything until you get your hands on it that if the driver even lets you touch the board. My helpers don't touch the DIAD they are runners not scanners. While they deliver the package to the location I tell them I get the package ready for the next stop. With a helper I can do 35 to 40 stops an hr.

    Don't get all worked up your driver will either show you how to use it or you won't be using one.
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  5. ineedajob

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    cool, hopefully my driver will let me be a runner. But lets say that I am a runner and this package requires a signature, how am i going to get the guys signature if I dont have the DIAD with me?
  6. barnyard

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    If you have a stop that the driver expects you to get a signature, you will have a diad.
  7. ineedajob

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    Oh I see now. Also, after doing driver release, all i have to do is go back to the truck and tell the driver I did a driver release along with the reasons? Then he will just put that on this DIAD himself? I dont have to put the driver release info on the DIAD myself?
  8. ineedajob

    ineedajob New Member

    Oh I see now. Also, after doing driver release, all i have to do is go back to the truck and tell the driver I did a driver release along with the reasons? Then he will just put that on his DIAD himself? I dont have to put the driver release info on the DIAD myself?
  9. UPSGUY72

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    If a stop requires a Sig I do it and send the helper to do another stop if one is close.
  10. Dr.Brown

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    all you need to worry about is showing up on time... be early, so your driver doesn't have to wait.. and turn your cell phone off- no texting at work

    do what he tells you to do.. pretty simple and easy money
  11. Johney

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    I will do this also or just put the DIAD in sig mode for the helper and tell them to ask for their last name which I input and go. I also will already have a delivery notice scanned and filled out just in case no one is home. Sorry no indirects during peak:wink2:(unless they leave a note asking).
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    you wont slow the driver down, if he is any good he will help you out...ull learn quick because its the same thing every stop....wont take long to get it :)
  13. DS

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    Don't worry so much,the diad is much easier to figure out than a smartphone.
  14. Scottyhawk

    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

    You will not have to turn the diad on, it will already be on.
    you scan the package, after scanning the package, you will see big up and down arrow on the right side of the board, you press the big arrow down. To driver release, press the f5 button on the top right side of the board then select the number of where you are leaving the package. Ex f5 then 7 for front door then press the right arrow on right side of board to complete the stop.
    To get a signature , scan package, big arrow down, press the signature button next to the f5 button on the right side of screen then the right arrowbutton. Get the signature then press the signature button again then type in the signers last name ( always ask the last name of the person who is signing for the package) then press the right arrow to complete the stop, press the appropriate number for where the stop was completed residential is 1?

    do not get frustrated, just like anything else it takes practice and time and over time it will get easier and you will get quicker
  15. serenity now

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    fyi to any and all helpers * if it's raining and your diad won't scan a proper barcode, check the red window on the underside * 1 drop of water can distort the beam