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  1. evilleace

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    Alright I want to jump with a driver during peak but I won't be able to do it in the mornings at all because of my schedule I wouldn't be able to start until about 1 is this a problem or could they still use me. Also I was wondering what they get paid someone in my center said around$14.00 an hour I was wondering if this was accurate or not thanks.
  2. drewed

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    ask your management team
  3. over9five

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    Yes, they could still use you. Many routes do businesses in the morning where the driver does not need a helper.

    These routes would need a helper later in the day doing housecalls.
  4. scratch

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    This isn't accurate around here, Helpers hired off the street got $8.50 last Peak Season. Sometimes we used Preloaders, I would think that they were paid better.
  5. cgrant55

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    I made 11.82 last year as a driver helper. but yes they can still use you, about half the time I worked in the evenings anyway.
  6. drewed

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    inside hires are supposed to be paid more, the contract states if you work a different higher paid job classification you get the higher pay...
    but it depends....
    last year we got out of that by have the helpers work an hour seperating job functions