Driver quit after many years of employment

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    Well my good friend with many years of driving did quit .This person did everything he could to stay there talked with the manager, supervisors ,other drivers he could no longer relate to any one there.Comeing in looking at there over allowed how many stops they did. How many more years tell retirement .He was just trying to get past the next 2 hours instead of the next 10 years tell retirement.
    .They route he had before this when he bid off was so overloaded that they fired one driver who could not get it done, and harassed they other 2 who could not get it done. The only way they could get his old route where any one could run they changed it by a stroke of a pen give more bonus and took off work.
    His new route was at 150 to 170 stops they jacked it up to 200 stops. So they did it to him again he reached out for help he was depressed because of the job he felt like he was going to die mentally.
    Talking to him give me a rush of old feelings of the UPS mindset how they treated me as a numbers, kicking me to the curb how I had to fight them on everything that I should not have to do.
    It was a nightmare I was scared, confused, mad I was seriously hurt from a job related injury. I was amazed on the lies and damage control that did, felt like a Nazi Gestapo propaganda machine pouring out the lies and they believe there own bull ****
    This brings up A huge point how many drivers are depressed from the job that do not get reported because of the shame and pressure from UPS, that comes with the that diagnose and filing A work comp claim. What do you think UPS would do to most people who filed for work comp help because of the stress of the job causing metal health issue? The machine would spend millions fighting it instead of helping this unfortunate people who need help. One could only imagine how UPS would treat these unfortunate souls.:knockedout:
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    A good friend of mine quit after many years as a driver . Drove the truck out of the building, parked it around back and left an I QUIT note in it. When the customers started calling the center in the afternoon asking when the deliveries were then management knew something was up. They found the truck and the note and the rest is history. He was tired of the BS. His physical health was suffering from it also. It wasn't worth it. NO AMOUNT OF $$$ PER HOUR IS WORTH IT. If I didn't bid to a 22.3 job back when I did I woulda quit for sure too most definitely. Never woulda got to feeders. I don't understand the treatment of the drivers by management. The numbers game is ridiculous. Management should be kissing the feet of the drivers that they have instead of making life difficult for them. I wish more and more drivers would quit(its ashame most people live paycheck to paycheck or they probably would - management plays on this and knows no matter how bad the drivers are treated and how much crap they have to eat on a daily basis they will be back for more tommorrow because of not being financially in a position to make changes) and the part timers would pursue other careers and endevours instead of saving up to be a package car driver. Everyone here by now knows my position on life driving a package car . I need not say more.:angry:
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    so he quit it is his choice . Good luck/. I dont feel bad for him we all go through it . Theres no real team work any more . we all have bills and problems . But you dont no how we good we have it. Till you get out there.WHO CARES.
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    God bless...this brother, and all who choose to leave....whether they be a sister or brother

    I can relate..and understand
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    When I was in package the job drove me almost to tears a couple of times. This from a person who has only cried maybe three times in his adult life, all at funerals.

    When PAS/EDD came and I actually threatened to walk off the job and go home one day, I fortunately got called up for feeders just in the nick of time.

    I completely understand those who quit because of the stress and I wish those people good fortune in their new work lives.
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    I know of a driver who recently quit and got another job. If a person wants to quit UPS, more power to them. This is an extremely stressful job, we all have days were we'd like to walk away. Currently, I'm planning an exit, only if one day my career at UPS comes to an end.
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    This job is only as stressful as you allow it to be. The only thing we have to worry about as drivers is following the methods. The first, and worst mistake, a driver can make is that first instant when we let management even think that we are worried about satisfying our management team's numbers goals. Once that has been done it will be hard to get them to back off. I'm not saying that anyone should lay down on the job. I say follow the methods.
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    Driving isn`t for everyone!! Drivers who always think about quitting need to quit to make room for someone who really wants to drive.
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    Exactly. Especially if they are senior to me.
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    I never made it to being a driver but our guys were stressed out like hell.The main reason for the stress was'nt the work.It was the management .It wasn't a party,thats all I can say

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    That's all you should do. Your fate is in management hands and how they perceive the numbers allowed for your route.

    Plus,it wouldn't hurt to have an exit strategy.


    Those of you morons who respond with who cares, are victims to the system, this company takes away your heart, your soul and your real meaning of why you were put on earth, you brag about the money, you forget the sacrifice all of upsers make, you give up family time, your kids grow up and before you know it your divorced, your kids have grown and gone and you are left with nothing but regrets, but you wont know til you retire or quit, because ups it full of heartless gutless people and it is the fault of us all and the greed of the mighty dollar.
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    I'd say you summed it all up pretty well
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    Yup, this is one of those topics.... some have a gravy run...good management and sups, etc..

    Others... they get "haunted" do more, do faster...
    They cut runs, make other drivers do a heavier workload.
    And, they just keep on giving you more and more work, until it gets out of hand and out of control.

    Gets soo bad, you can't even work any longer, without doing "short-cuts" and no longer following proper procedures.

    Been there , done that.
    My replacement for the last 5 months, can't finish my route until 9pm now, without taking a break,( if he would ), it would be 10pm !

    They just keep pushing, and pushing, for higher numbers, and less cars/drivers.

    And they think replacement is easy to find. SO NOT TRUE !

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    If I ever write a book about the trials and tribulations of being a package car driver. can I use this paragraph in the epilogue? You hit the nail on the head so many times it went through the floor.
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    People make choices and must live with those choices.
    Always liked George Jones and "Choices" is one of my favorite songs by him.

    I've had choices
    Since the day that I was born
    There were voices
    That told me right from wrong
    If I had listened
    No I wouldn't be here today
    Living and dying
    With the choices I made

    I guess I'm payin'
    For the things that I have done
    If I could go back
    Oh, Lord knows I'd run
    But I'm still losin'
    This game of life I play
    Living and dying
    With the choices I made
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    Again....if we'd all just follow the methods everything would work out fine. Let management worry about the numbers.
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    Not everyone is able to detach from the degradation of UPS life.
    I sure can't and have struggled with feelings of inadequacy since I started.

    We know we're productive employees but suffer blow after blow to self esteem.

    I feel management gets kicked pretty hard too, at high levels beyond our own buildings. Those who can't handle the pressure then kick everyone down the ladder. That would be us...
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    WHY Dont we all quit .it would be abusrd to ban together.ahh lets form a union fight for our rights,OH I FORGOT WE HAVE A UNION BUT YOUR TO BUSY TO FIGHT BECAUSE you may have to call the union onyour lunch. that you are allowed to take .Because you worked thru your lunch.stop complaing do your job OR GET INVOLVED.