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    First I'll give you a brief history of my UPS experience that no one will care about, then I'll get onto my question.

    I worked at UPS as an unloader years ago before joining the Air Force. After retiring from the AF finding a job was difficult. UPS was hiring (2 years ago) off the streat drivers so I applied. I drove the truck very well, managed the back of the truck well, am physically fit so the physical demands of the job didn't bother me, but I had one problem that I have struggled with my entire life that I couldn't overcome. Geographic Dyslexia. I don't think that's a real term, but it's a term I'ver heard recently from a fellow sufferer. Where I live (Utah) we use the grid system. On a map it makes absolute perfect sense, but when I'm driving and thinking about my next stop, literally nearly every single instinct I had was wrong when it came to knowing which way to go next. When I went the correct way it was just luck. So I lasted about 15 working days driving. I quit because I knew I would be let go at the end of my 30 days. It all worked out in the end so no tears for me please.

    So, I have the utmost respect for UPS (and FedEx) drivers, and I defend them anytime someone complains about a delivery or driver, etc. Which brings me to my question. In my "extensive" experience with UPS, I never saw this happen. My friend had this all on video. The driver drops off a package. Then a short time later he returns to retrieve the same package. My friend got the Amazon email saying package was delivered. When he got home of course there was no package. The same package was then delivered the following day. So what gives?
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    This could be a couple of things, possibly it is a Surepost Package, which UPS delivers to PO, and the next day gets delivered the next day to consignee. In the earlier days of Surepost the consignee would get that email when delivered to PO, but has been changed recently. Or another scenario, gets misdelivered and either the people take it to the right house, or calls and get UPS to deliver to the right house. Or the least likely reason is that your buddy was too drunk to find it the first day, and without the beer goggles on saw the package.
  3. brownmonster

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    It was on video.
  4. tadpole

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    I think Upschuck is right. Probably thought he left it at the wrong house, then picked it back up and actually left it at the wrong house.
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    How do you know it was the same package?? Amazon boxes all look alike.
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    Oops didn't comprehend that part. Need to slow down reading through some of this, just figure it is the same old stuff.
    That is what I was about to say.
  7. 71Fish

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    That seems reasonable.
  8. Brownslave688

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    Highly unlikely but could of received a message to intercept the package also.
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    Was the package driver released the 2nd day or was a signature obtained?
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    I call it being directionally challenged and I feel for you because I would die a slow death on a rural route.
  11. Dr.Brown

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    no sense of direction
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    It's not directionally challenged for me, it's straight up geo-dyslexia. To be honest, in the rural part of the route I was on I did fine. It's was the grid system part of town that always screwed me up, which is what makes the most sense on a map. Just the way my brain is wired I guess.