Driver Robbed and Kidnapped in Portland, Oregon


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So if they were funded properly, they would've been there to stop a robbery that they knew nothing about??....Ummmmm..ok. Still I'm just laughing at the fact that someone would imply that a robbery and kidnapping took place because of a defunded police force, as if robberies and kidnappings didn't take place when it was properly funded.
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Not bad, considering Trump is still the President and nothing has been defunded. Fear mongering at it's best!
Nothing has been actually defunded maybe but cops have been resigning left and right. No body wants to be a cop anymore except maybe the real wackos. Minneapolis has lost so many cops they are BEGGING anyone to sign up. Serves the bastards right after the way the Mayor and Governor abandoned them during the riots. They could bulldoze both Mpls and St. Paul as far as I'm concerned.


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There was a journalist being threatened by a crowd in Portland, drew his gun, pointing at the ground, backing away, asking the people to back away, the exact way he was trained in concealed carry class. Convicted for brandishing.
He was not being threatened.

Man who pointed Glock at 'Don't Shoot' protesters can't own guns


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Lol. That shot was taken after he backed out of the group of people surrounding him and threatening him.

The fact that he was banned from taking video for his job tells you something about how twisted the judge in this situation is.
How much money does he make at "his job" as a citizen-journalist? He was never surrounded.



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This * is gonna start happening more because the dumb *ing government. Keep everything open but have nursing homes better protected. I don't get a crap about CovID CaSEs, their is gonna be soo many more consequences for a closed economy missed cancer checks, suicides, more heart attacks from no one leaving their house etc. WTF is going on for real.