Drivers and tickets?



Do any of you drivers receive speeding or parking tickets? How's the company handle that? Just curious.


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once a year you have to fill out some form regarding the past years moving violations...
I had one, never heard about it.

I think if it was a DUI or something.. otherwise, the company is glad to have someone with a heavy foot.. means they get the job done faster... ;)


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i don't know about every place but around here (jersey) UPS pays the parking tickets, drivers pay the speeding ones.


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i don't know about every place but around here (jersey) UPS pays the parking tickets, drivers pay the speeding ones.

Thats the way it is here. When I worked in downtown Atlanta 20+ years ago, UPS would pay a Parking Ticket if you were on company business. Any other violation came out of the driver's pocket.:bored:

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Our contract states if the ticket/fine is a result of defective equiptment, the company shall be held responsible for payment. It's feasible although not likely the company could end up paying a speeding ticket. The only parking ticket I've received was for double parking. The ticket was written against the vehicle and not the operator so the center paid or resolved the issue. I'm not sure which....

Are your centers willing to pay parking tickets for blocking hydrants?


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Tickets, What tickets? If you are safe and smart you shouldn't get a ticket. I have been pulled over many times but it was their need for information about a certain address and what I knew about the actors that lived there!


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Where I'm from the police don't write parking tickets for UPS drivers unless you are doing something stupid (parked in a handicapped spot). They understand we have a job to do and what we deliver is what makes the world go-round. I've gotten friendly with the cops in my area. One of them once told me, after he told a woman to move her $60,000 Lexus SUV away from a hydrant, that she said "well, you let the UPS guy park here". He then informed her that I was pushing a 2-wheeler through the snow to deliver things the area businesses need to operate. He proceded to tell her that the reason you tried to park there was because "your a lazy bitch who doesn't want to walk 100 meters to your hair appointment":thumbup1:


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In my area we have a person (retired cop) whos responsibility is to enforce handicapp parking around the city. He was in the middle of writing a ticket for a company van parked in the handicapp "access space" of this strip mall. The driver's ticket amounted to $640.00 and he was just sticking it under the windshieldwiper of van when the driver came running out. After seeing the amount on the ticket I thought for sure this guy (approx 6'3 - 235 lbs) was about to wail on this guy but instead he looked lilke he was going to cry.

Word to the wise - give handicapp parking a wide berth. I see this guy around town not only writing tickets but taking picture of violaters for proof. What a revenue maker this guy is for the city!


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we have to fill out that form once a year also. do not know what ups does with them as we had a feeder driver that was driving for a few years with out a class1 lic. seems she lost it and never told ups about it. she is no longer working for big brown.


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I was told by two different sups that drivers pay moving violations and UPS pays the parking tickets with the exception of blocking a disabled parking spot. We have to pay those ourselves. Since the fine here for that is over $300.00, I am very careful not to have even the bumper of my PC over that little yellow line. I'll park in fire lanes, but not even close to a disabled spot.