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  1. scisector9

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    710 full time driver here. I have seniority date July 2013 and am under the old 3 year progression. Long story short I was told by union and hr when 710 agreement was passed that I would be receiving the .70 gwi and retro pay.

    Fast forward to today and the new 4 year drivers got their bump to 18.75 and my rate is frozen at 18.45. A driver also under 3 year progression called hall today and was told no retro no gwi.

    Who has been through this with national or 705 and what was outcome? Article 3c clearly states that full time employees still in progression are entitled to the above contractual increases.

    I'm calling hall tomorrow and steward said we might as well grieve it and get all 3 year drivers affected to sign it. What are our chances?

    I'd much rather have the 3 year progression but i feel mislead and that there may be some grey areas here.

  2. TooTechie

    TooTechie Geek in Brown

    There are a few threads from last year. They'll answer all your questions.
  3. Bottom rung

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    You get your raise (70 cents) until you hit your seniority date, then the progression raise takes over. File.
  4. saintrick

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    Drivers in the 3 year progression will get the GWI if they attained seniority by August, 1 2013.
  5. upssouth

    upssouth Member

    I filed on this and lost. I fit the criteria but company wouldn't give the Gwi. I just filed a :censored2: ton on sups working to get my money back lol.
  6. saintrick

    saintrick Member

    TCD before going full time?
  7. Sean1692

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    That's weird I was hired May 15th 2013 and I got the Gwi I'm currently at 19.15$
  8. upssouth

    upssouth Member

    I made full time in early 2012, well before 8.1.13. Yes I was a TCD prior to that in 2011
  9. saintrick

    saintrick Member

    Upon going full time did you keep the PT TCD rate of 26.00 to 27.00?
  10. upssouth

    upssouth Member

    Not initially, they tried to pay me the new ft rate but my ba got it fixed because I made seniority prior to going ft. I made 85% of top pay per contract.
  11. ManInBrown

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    I didn't get the .70 cents. Time to talk to Stewart Monday.
  12. UPS4Life

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    And in May when you go to the next level of progression there won't be an additional 70 cents it'll be whatever the contract book says for my local it would be 20.75.

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  13. UPS4Life

    UPS4Life Active Member

    You would only get the $.70 from aug 1st 2013 to your seniority date and then it goes back to the next stage of progression. What month is your seniority date in if you don't mind me asking?

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  14. ManInBrown

    ManInBrown Well-Known Member

    Thanks for responding. I would rather not say. Never know who is watching. I will say it's in the first half of 2013
  15. saintrick

    saintrick Member

    The contract does not directly address GWI for PT TCD that move to full time.
    My take on it is that since the 85% is superior to the progression and GWI in the master you do not get the increase.
  16. JL 0513

    JL 0513 Well-Known Member

    Your rate should reflect the rate stated in your contract under progression + the .70 GWI each Aug 1st.

    For me, I gained seniority in April a couple of years ago. So my progression raise comes each April and then I get the .70 raise Aug 1.
  17. upssouth

    upssouth Member

    But the Gwi does address all employees I believe. All TCD make 85% of top pay. Once they attain seniority they are locked in at that rare until they are promoted to full time at point they will now wait 4 years until attains top pay.

    There is no reasonable explanation. The union said 70 cent raise to all employees who have attained seniority. That didn't happen.
  18. UPS4Life

    UPS4Life Active Member

    Ok that's good enough. For example we will say May 1st. You should have recorded $.70 from August 1st 2013 making your rate $19.15. Then on May first you gained a year in progression then you will be at 20.75 from May 1st 2014-present.

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  19. By The Book

    By The Book Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking it may have to do with under the old contract it was written you'd receive the gwi. Under the new contract with the 4 year progression, which has higher pay upfront, you don't get the gwi. Also might have to do with the specific locals. I would feel if you went full time and had a seniority date prior to August 1,2013 and got thru your probation before that date you would be entitled to all of the gwi and be under the 3 year progression. Where the gray area comes into play is if you hadn't attained seniority prior to August 1,2013 and were still in probation after that date(hadn't made book yet). Your seniority date reverts back to the first day you drove, but you hadn't attained seniority yet, if that helps at all.
  20. UPS4Life

    UPS4Life Active Member

    Since we were under an extension for months how far are we reverting this?
    Also I'm pretty sure the old contract we didn't recover the gwi in progression. Either way I know somebody in my local who was in this situation and fought it and it went nowhere. After your next seniority date you go back to the progression wages as noted in the book. Like you said though could very by local.

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