Driving Position


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I'm sorry, that sucks... unfortunately the company can be strict about that. I know a pkg car driver who tried to go to feeders (the UPS tractor-trailer operation) and was DQed over backing. He had one side of the trailer about 2 inches off the dock bumper. Meanwhile in my industrial area dockworkers sometimes don't blink if a driver leaves a 1 foot gap on one side of the trailer LOL. And in fairness, most of the docks/yards on my route weren't designed for 53 foot trailers.

There are days when I get my 1000 with a slightly-crooked back bumper flush at every single dock. Other days I'm off by a couple inches at several docks.
and they still can’t back onto a door for :censored2: …. 1.5 ft of room on one side of the rollers, 3 ft on the other….


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My driving test was in a p2400. First time I ever driven a manual. First time I ever driven anything bigger than a Honda civic. Still passed.


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Wtf is p1000 ? Sorry but I’ve driven dang near all the them that don’t require a cdl. usually it’s 5 -7 cube, 10-12 cubes, or 24’ furniture truck. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody at ups use that terminology . My first road test was in a 10 cube stick shift .