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  1. so as far as driving school go's what all do i need to expect? Im not worried about driving but as far as the bookwork/testing and the diad testing is it hard? is it passable lol?

    any help/tips or suggestions would be awesome everyone thanks for the help!!!
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    I guess it depends if you go to Integrad, or just your local hub. I went to the local hub. We spent half the time in the converted bus and the other half doing computer safety stuff and working in the workbook they give you. At the end of mine, all you needed to know was the 5 and 10, but they watch you while you are driving and their opinion of your driving goes into whether you pass.
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    I have a cdl class B, but I learned on an automatic. Will they train me on stick shift, or is the road test mandatory before training even begins? There are guys on my shift who are still loading after 9 years because they can't drive stick and don't want to pay for truck driving school.
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    You've only got three weeks in- plenty of time to learn to drive manual transmissions on a friends car before you're called up.
  5. but as far as my question go's what all will it be what will i need to know? yes it will be intergrad or whatever its called..

    but any help would be great please help! will i pass. (book work/memory related) not driving

    thanks everyone
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    When you get there you are paired up with a "buddy" and you get a computer work station with that buddy. Every day you have a Diad training exercise, that if I remember correctly, you have to pass with a certain percentage every day. Then, at the end of the week you take a computer test that is about 90 questions and you get 3 chances to pass that one, BUT (from what I heard from other people) if you need some "help" on the last test and have passed everything else they will help you out. I was the first person to finish, but I was told this by people I had been in class with.

    As long as you do your work and show that you are trying, then I think you'll be fine. Its not intimidating at all, in fact it was some of the most fun I've had as an adult. Five day "vacation" from my wife and meeting a bunch of new people. Just be sure to be up on time and don't miss the shuttle to the hub. ALSO, in the morning before you leave for the hub you fill out what you want for dinner, and at what time you want it delivered. Don't get it sent up before 7, because you don't get back to the hotel until about 6, and if you request it too early it'll be cold. You should also NOT order their version of a hamburger.....its questionable, at best.

    Have Fun
  7. Thank you very much superballs! You have deff relevied some stress off of me but as far as it go's try and work hard i will be fine? The testing isnt that hard?

    BTW i like you input on the food bc thats all i will be thinking about sounds like you were to haha


    Honestly man you need to be more worried about the driving than you do the diad, and assessments. Doing your driver drill and commentary is the hardest thing in my own opinion. Just make sure your mouth keeps moving blowing about every thing you see, and dont feel "stupid" for doing so even though you will definatly feel it! The classroom work, and diad stuff is honestly pretty easy. Also make sure you have the 10 point commentary and 5 seeing happens memorized. When I went they start off like military the first day making you feel worthless and you will NEVER pass. Dont let that get to you too much. Good luck!
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    Shave your face everyday, make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free.

    Where are you doing integrad at?