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  1. uber

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    How long is the wait in your building? I'm in Portland and have 5 years in. I'm being told 2 more years. Patience is hard, but I've committed a career with this company. Whats it like where you are?
  2. DS

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    This question has been asked 2817 times .
    Best answer,talk to several drivers in the area .
    It varies from city to city,state to state.
  3. uber

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    I'm not asking about my area, I have a good idea when I'm going driving. I'm just trying to gauge how long of a wait it is in other areas in comparison to my area.
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    drive wait

    Well I wouldn't get your hopes up too soon to drive. I have guys in my building that have been there close to 10 years & still ain't drivin. Once the economy and this country gets straightened out then we will see more divers on the road. Chapel hill, NC
  5. brownrod

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    We have PTers with almost six years seniority who are still waiting for the opportunity to drive.
  6. uber

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    The smaller the hub the longer the wait?
  7. menotyou

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  8. TheKid

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    It depends on alot of things. one of the things is the economy and how much your building is "growing". I would venture to guess that there is not too much "growing" going on out there.
  9. brownmonster

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    Or last driver hire started part-time in 2007. We have 2 more drivers retiring this fall.
  10. Thebrownstreak

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    I got lucky and only was on preload for 2 years. For the most part it's 5 to7 in our building.
  11. PACNW

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    In my 20 car center (used to be 24) we put on a bunch of drivers in the early 2000's. Now we have 2 guys with start dates 2 months apart, 1 has been driving for 5 years, the other has been p/t for 7 years. Since the economy went bad the older drivers are scared to retire. We have 5 eligible that don't want to go.
  12. faded jeans

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    It was 13 years for me. Really.
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    I guess Knoxville tn is the worst, I've been here for 12 1/2 years still pt. Last guy to go full time was 2 or 3 years ago and he started in 1997. So i guess our wait is endless.
  14. DorkHead

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    It`s all about timing. When I was on the preload, UPS was expanding. They doubled the preload and loaders went from 4 trucks to 3. 3 people in the trailers. Belt was slowed down. Became FT in a little over 3 yrs. Lately the wait is 7 to 9 yrs.
  15. Dynomite

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    I'd really like to know the wait in the orlando hub and the longwood center. I am about to transfer to one of these places for education, and would like to know what I'm in for.
  16. cachsux

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    I don`t know about those two places but a general rule of thumb is the larger the buildings driver pool the greater the odds for quicker advancement. I`ve always been out of big buildings and went package in 31/2 and feeders 61/2 after that.
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    So in Knoxville you dont start making a decent career out of UPS until your almost 40?

    Congrats on the patience, I couldnt do it.
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