Drunk Canadian" Begs Cops at Sky Harbor Airport to "Taser" Him....

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Aug 31, 2010.

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    Thats what happens I guess, when you spend a week or more in the US, among "your" people ! LOL (just kidding).

    But, I tell you, some places I travelled, I couldn't wait to get home, because of the rudeness of the people.
    Europe is bad.
    And the US isn't as friendly as Canada is either.

    Btw : Can you do this in the US , get a pic with your arms around the current President ?

    It's my brother with Mr. Prime Minister Harper.


    The following 2 are with the last Premier of Alberta (Ralph Klein).
    (For you: governor of a state)

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    Who the hell would want their picture with Obama????
  4. UPS Lifer

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    Which bar did you see your Premier at? BTW What the hell is a Premier anyway? .... and where is Alberta?
  5. klein

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    A Premier of a province is the same as a governor of a US State.
    If Alberta wouldn't exist, you would be paying atleast $10 a gallon for gas and oil would be very rare.
    (Alberta is the second largest oil producer, just after Saudi Arabia), and the US largest source of oil, all pipelined south.
    They are working on a new pipeline now, going all the way down to Texas.

    In the future Alberta will be well known all around the world.
    As in geography, it's located north of the border of Montana.
    Dinasour Country as well (badlands), Rocky Mountains, Prairies, tons of agriculture, largest honey producer.., home of the largest Rodeo on earth, and plenty more.

    Alberta is also the richest juridiction in all of the Americas, and 1 of the richest on the world.
    (debt free and running surpluses with money in savings).
  6. rod

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    I would of Tazed him----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------twice
  7. Lue C Fur

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    Tazing Klein sounds fun. :happy-very:
  8. dilligaf

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    I would get in line to pull the trigger.
  9. Baba gounj

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    Is that your brother in the background ? Way back on the left by the parked cars ?
  10. cachsux

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    Thanks to you it`s already top of the charts on AmberAlert.com
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    For some reason, the kids in Alberta , particularly in Edmonton are disappearing at an alarming rate. Could it have something to do with Klein's part time job as a Candy man?

  12. cachsux

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    You mean because he is encouraging them to go out into the world as productive,contributing,WORKING,Canadian citizens of course.
  13. pickup

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    Umm.. YES!, that is exactly what I meant, someone has to work those tar sands that he is so proud of , Lord knows it ain't going to be him!
  14. Lue C Fur

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    Oils sands enviromental impact: http://oilsandstruth.org/

    After our Canadian friend said Arizona was "nothing but desert" you have to wonder what is so great about Alberta. I just drove thru Alberta and stayed the night in Edmonton....nothing special at all and i can see why Alcoholism is so prevalant there. The Yukon Territory was awesome though!!!!

  15. klein

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    Scar Sands or Dirty oil, or whatever you may call them.

    You prefer the bloody oil from the middle-east.
    Where almost every gallon of oil contains a drop of blood from fallen American soldiers.
    Or other innocent people killed over it.

    Those pics above might look somewhat bad there, why don't you post a few of the recovered land, after they fill it back up, plant trees, etc.
    Nothing really grew in those oilsands before. Now, that "reclaimed land" is like an Eden compared to before.

    As far as your night stay in Edmonton.
    Downtown Edmonton is most like other downtowns, fully surrounded by skyscrapers. Nothing special.
    But, the boardwalk is nice, and just 1block south of Jasper Avenue the River Valley begins.
    Where you can do nice walks, (surrounding by mostly pine trees), and even play golf.
    Edmonton has the largest parkareas then any other city in Canada.
    Same goes for all the festivals in this city.

    Don't know why you brang up alcohol usage in Edmonton.
    You probably didn't see anyone drinking on the streets here (it's illegal ) !
    And if you do want to buy a beer, you just can't go into a supermarket or 7/11 or anyother corner store.
    You need to find a dedicated beer or liquor store.

    Why don't you look up some stats and compare first, before you just write bull ?
    Check out your city stats with DUI's and ours, for example, or drunkenness in public arrests.
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  17. klein

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    I'll let others judge for themselves:

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    Now why dont you post some nice vids and pics of Arizona or is it still all Desert to you???? Did you figure it out yet...???
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    [​IMG]Troon (Scottsdale)
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    Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions.