Dumbest thing YOU have done


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Mine would have to be locking my keys in the back....twice....on the same day... I was new to driving. Fortunately, my sup had known me from when I was a loader, so he knew I was not a complete idiot. But I actaully think I would have prefered calling in an accident to making that second call after he had already come out and unlocked my bulkhead once.:blushing:


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Way back when I was a young cover driver....

Covering a route I didn't know too well....... in a huge hurry.....lotsa airs to get off.....

Pull up to my first air stop, jump outta the seat, stick the key in the bulkhead door lock, turn key, SNAP!

The bad part was..... It ...............................was...............my...................................................... overhead door key.... Now I had no way into the package car!


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I delivered a 7 piece bowflex to someones back porch, then when I went to DR, found out it was a non DR house. had to lug them all back.


Failed to report an accident...backed into a 5 ton,the driver said,its only a scratch,dont worry about it,well it turned out to be more than a scratch.
The welded lip that runs around my p800 had actually sliced a one foot long hole in the truck.Drivers boss called ups...I got fired.Very bad move.
Luckily they called me to come back 2 weeks later.Never again.


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Lost my keys while in my car. Looked for almost 20 minutes until I found them in the bulkhead lock! Doh!


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Left my rear door open driving down a major street and my dolly barely stayed in the truck. Also, when I started driving Saturdays my route was in my neighborhood so I stopped by my house and gave my son a ride around the block.


Didn't connect the chain on the back door of an old p600. Found my back door open at a stop and wondered how many packages fell out. Company got a call from someone telling them they had found five or six packages in the street. Found out that night that this truck has had this problem for years and was never fixed. Never again left the chain off a back door.


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Once drove about a mile and a half with my back door open. A large roll of carpet was missing, which I found laying in the middle of a street when I backtracked. Several other packages were found by passing motorists. A rear door warning light might be a usefull investment.

Once dropped my keys down a sewer drain when entering my vehicle.

Once locked the keys in the back when in a big hurry to get my air off. I heard the keys hit the metal floor just as I was powering the bulkhead door shut; there was no way to stop the door in time.

Once left COD's at a customer location who was very slow to write checks. When I returned later, the new girl had mailed the checks with the tags to the customers. That was a scary phone call to the manager.

It helps to be a high production driver in cases like these. Always work hard, the job you save may be your own.


Over 9.5 here is a bit of honesty that i hope you appreciate! I had a sweet, i mean sweet route, great customers, BEAUTIFUL secretaries, no overweigts (packages or customers) and ready for the height of stupidity.....I let myself get talked into becoming a supervisor....In all my years at ups, it was the dumbest thing i have ever done!


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"I had a sweet, i mean sweet route, great customers, BEAUTIFUL secretaries,"

I know you! You had my route before me!


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One day I was running late on my pickup run and was in a big hurry to try and get back on schedule. My UPS pager went off (pre-DIAD days) and when I called the office the sup told me I needed to go back to a stop. Apparently I was in such a hurry that I signed the book, pulled the page and blasted out of there, forgeting to bring along the packages!

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I left my Diad at Mcdonalds on 48th st. in NYC. I was pt air driver at the time, 45 minutes later, the manager had it behind the counter. My lucky day!


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I was in a hurry and the stick shift tripped me. I flew out the passenger side of my package car. Hit the ground, head first. Worst part was, there was a group of people taking a "smoke break" and saw the whole thing happen. Luckily, I survived with not a drop of blood, and no stitches.


I delivered a package to a customer just this past Tuesday. While talking to the customer, one of his horses comes up to the fence. I started scratcing his neck and he head butted me. Knocked me back about 5 feet. I have NO IDEA how I didnt get a black eye. The owner says..."Oh yea, thats his ticklish spot"............................Thanks.

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Went to sort through load on bitter cold day in da hood, so locked side doors for security reasons and ran the engine for heat. When finished killed engine closed bulkhead and proceeded out the rear door to make bulk stop. Upon returning was unable to unlock back door, frozen lock, and yup side doors still locked. Luckily there was a construction crew that borrowed me a propane torch.


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I see a common denominator in almost all of the previous posts......
"....in a big hurry..."
"....I was running late...."
"....in a huge hurry...."

what can we safely conclude from this?

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You have to have humor with yourself. I was a p/t sup who was delivering during peak a few years back and I locked myself inside the back of an old P500. The car had a metal piece above the bulkhead door and a spring loaded catch that clipped the bulkhead door in place when it was open. I had stopped the car in the middle of the empty part of a shopping center parking lot waiting for a late air meet, and had left the keys in the ignition while sorting the load to setup my next few stops, when the bulkhead door slowly slid shut on me. I hadn't noticed that the bulkhead door was not clipped all the way open behind the driver's seat under the metal catch. Also, this car had a padlocked backdoor. A police officer who was on patrol nearby unlocked me out of the car after being flagged down by people who heard me whistling and tugging at the backdoor in a silly attempt to force it open.


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I had 45 packages at a resi stop back in the old days.
I started stacking them in the garage and the owner came outside.
I complimented her on "winning the package lottery."
She told me that her mother died and that this was her inheritance.