Dynamic Orion - Turn by Turn Directions & Why RDO Is Dead What The Union Doesn't Know

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    Buzzwords, Hidden Dimensions, and Innovation: A UPS Story
    by Chris Chiappinelli |

    September 7, 2017

    The logistics industry moves fast. Now that you’ve deployed ORION, how do you ensure it remains on the cutting edge?

    UPS senior director of process management Jack Levis: We’re also working on dynamic optimization. Today, when a driver leaves the building, the order of deliveries never changes. We achieved all these gains with something that’s static, so we’re going to move into a dynamic world so that ORION will update during the day. It may detect that the driver is ahead or behind schedule and say, Let me reoptimize the route. Or the change could come because a customer says, I need you to make a pickup. The system says, Here’s the next move—this is where you should go. But it’ll do it knowing that it can insert that inside everything else you need to do.

    WhereNext: That’s a change management process. What did you learn from it?

    Levis: What we learned was, if you build it, don’t assume they’re going to come. You go out and deploy a site, and while you’re deploying it, maybe the drivers are getting gains. But if in the morning the drivers are talking about the same things they always did before you got there, you became a flavor of the month. Trust me. They’re appeasing you, but their conversations are what they always were. You have to change the morning conversation.

    WhereNext: How did you do that?

    Levis: We did that through communication, through top-down support, but also by changing metrics. Drivers aren’t measured on how much money they saved. They’re measured on things they can control. Did you maintain your map? Are you overriding the system? Are you following the solution?
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    This is when the real fun begins.
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    We’re all doomed basically
  4. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    How much UPS delivery experience does this ass hat have? Another money waste.
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    70 hr work week coming right up
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    This a$$hat thinks we are all just a bunch of dumb steering wheel holders.
  7. Including customers.
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    Orion is the dumbest :censored2: I've ever seen. I turn that off every single day. Yes you can turn it off.

    You run rdo because it never changes and drivers run it how it's best for that day. Take away the ability to turn Orion off and people will be driving in circles. I personally will follow Orion stop to stop and will run out of hours every week.

    Only way it works is if the route is dispatched for 8 hours. Then maybe you can do it in 10.
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    Buzz word: top down support.