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    Have any of you out there who smoke tried out the new E
    cigarettes And if so how are they??? I have tried the patch several times & the gum with no help.Tried cold turkey & wanted to jump off a cliff LOL ! Seen a lot of advertisment & looks pretty good.Just thought I would ask my brothers & sisters here on B.C If they tried it & what they thought of them!! Thanks Covemaster!!!!
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    Is that the thing I hear on the radio where you exhale water vapor?
  3. Covemastah

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    Yup Yup !!
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    My wife bought it, and it now sits as a art deco piece on the counter. Like most of her voodoo witch doctor remedies. The only way to quit smoking it to truly want to quit.
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    The Ecigs haven't helped me much, but down deep inside. I am still not ready. My wife did real well with her's for about a month, but with me still somkeing I think it hurt her efforts. I still haven't given up, I just have to get my mind straight.
    The vapor is a nicotine based solution that varies from one brand to another. I have read different places that claim they are illegal which isn't true. They just have not been certified by the FDA. I've also read that the solution includes the same Glycol that is in anti-freeze which is not true. The glycol in the ecigs is the same as the propellant in asthmatics inhalers.
    Cove if you are really ready to quit, the E-cig may be what you need to get you by till you can. The E Cig isn't supposed to be marketed as a smoking seccassion. Just a safer way to get your daily fix of nicotine.
  7. moreluck

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    Just do it! Forget patches and forget gum......you'll be chewing that 2 years down the road as a new addiction.

    The key is "distraction". It's a habit. Change the circumstances that cause you to light up.......morning cup of coffee? Have it in a new location.

    I smoked for 48 years and stopped cold turkey when I was diagnosed with C.
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    More, you stopped due to a life altering circumstance. Do you think you would have stopped otherwise?
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    I tried a couple times & failed. All of us face it.....we all have cancer cells in us and I'm convinced that smoking is key in setting them off. With ovarian cancer, cigarette smoking can cause it and also had a friend recently diagnosed with kidney cancer....a heavy smoker also.

    Yes, I definitely had the ultimate motivation, I agree.
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    I'm sorry if that was too personal.
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    That's OK, no problem.
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    That my friends is the ultimate truth. Everything else (encluding hypnosis) is a waste of money. They might get you to slow down on your smoking (for awhile) but the only way to quit for good is to "quit". It's called "will power". Good luck to anyone trying to quit.
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    This post is a good one. REAL important.
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    Trp, I finally did it. I still struggle with it a little but it does get easier. I can't tell you how much better I feel. :happy2: The craving to have a smoke with my coffee in the morning is gone.