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  1. barrycold

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    There's a sign up sheet for Early AM Driving at my location. Is that consider extra work or regular shift. I also don't know anything about Early AM driving. Is there anybody that can answer my question. thanks
  2. rod

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    At my old center the early AM was always delivered by the most senior delivery driver that wanted the extra hour and a half or so. Basically you started early and delivered the early Am air packages then you came back to the center and delivered your regular route. The guy that normally delivered early AM used his own personal pickup truck and got paid milage plus regular pay. I tried it a couple of times but if you didn't get back to the building before everyone else left guess who got stuck taking out leftover pkgs that didn't get loaded in time or a last minute cut that they didn't realize they didn't have anyone to take care of. I was always happy with 45-50 hours a week. I didn't need 50-60:peaceful:
  3. Service Failure

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    Yeah, most of the EAM work goes to the full-time air drivers and/or full-time drivers. I'm pretty sure it's just considered extra work since at most you'll get an hour or so depending on what job you have. It's usually run at 7 at our center and you get back close to 9 so yeah.
  4. scratch

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    I do EAMs before I run my regular route. I have a 6:30 AM Start Time. Since we are just a couple of miles from the Atlanta Airport, most of my Hub has a 8:00 Commit Time. If I have a Sendagain, I am able to get back to the Hub before everybody else leaves with their regular Start Time. I hit overtime at 3:30, and 9.5 is 5 PM. I usually return to the building at 4:30. Most of our EAM Drivers are FT Drivers with Bid Routes. The most Senior Driver is the Shuttle Driver, he probably averages 55 hours a week.

    The pros of my job is I miss rush hour traffic going to work and I get off early. The bad part is I work the same amount of hours and I lose sleep because I can't make myself go to bed ealier. I do enjoy it in that it breaks up the monotony a little by looking up deliveries in a map book and driving in different areas. I would suggest that you talk to the other EAM Drivers in your building and find out all the particulars in your area. It could be a good gig or a bad one.
  5. Big Babooba

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    We have a few Early AM / package routes. They start at 7 AM with the Early AMs and then run their regular routes. They never return to the building for their regular loads. The bad part is that the driver has to meet up with another driver who brings them the stuff that was processed after they left. The good part is that these routes are usually back to the building by 5 PM.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our commit time on EAMs is 9am so they will sometimes start a F/T driver early so that we can meet the commit but normally they will use our air driver. If they do use a F/T driver he does not come back to the bldg and they will shuttle any remaining work to him.
  7. barrycold

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    The bid sheet for the EAM has a starting time of 4am. Does that mean it's 4 hour shift? We don't have FT drivers but we do have air drivers. I put my name on the list for driving experience but I don't mind the work. I really not sure if it's going to be everyday work or when needed.
  8. scratch

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    With a 4am start time, this sounds like an airport shuttle job. How far away is your Center from the airport? It sounds like your Center is at least an hour away.
  9. barrycold

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    Yes, I work in the airfield but the hubs aren't that far away. The early AM driving is vacated positions that they are trying to fill.
  10. skirhustler

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    At my hub EAM's are done by combo and air driver's. I did it for 6 years as an air driver. I got about 35 hrs 6 days a week as a p/t. It was the best job I ever had. Now I've been fulltime for 3 1/2 years. It's ok, just long hrs 55 to 60 hrs a week. Good luck on your bid.
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  11. Baba gounj

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    Way back in April Of 1992, when EAM was still in the planning stage, I was chosen to test out this idea in Metro Boston.
    What a joke. A couple of specially marked parcels where sent via the regular air shipment. No one could find them when it came time to do them; so I drove around a guy from Chicago around Boston acting as a tour guide on the first day, On the second day we had a parcel for a company that did not open until 11am, again I became a tour guide.:happy-very: