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    Around 8:07 am each morning, a driver comes in and takes the 300 car (which is located on the end of my belt). They take the car for early AM. When the package car leaves, I get to "stack out all the 300 pal boxes". Which is quite a lot, seeing as it normally comes down that hour. This conversation happened between my normal driver/head supervisor and myself.

    Me: Oh great, there goes my truck again.
    Head supervisor: Why are you stacking out the 300 truck?
    Me: The truck left the building, for early AM.
    Head supervisor: I understand that...but why are you stacked out with the 300 truck?
    Me: Do you see a truck here? (points to a empty spot, where it used to be).
    Head Supervisor: -blank stare- I don't know what you mean?
    Me: The truck that used to be here in the morning, is now gone for early AM, hence why I can't load it anymore.
    Head Supervisor: (without skipping a beat). you NEED to load it!
    Me: Where do you want me to put it?
    Head Supervisor: In the 300 truck!
    Driver comes in a few moments later: Where is my truck, is it on another load line?
    Me: No, they took it early for early AM.
    Driver: Again!?!?! Gahhh.
    Head supervisor: What's the problem driver?
    Driver: My car is missing that's what! This place is nuts, why are you taking my car of all cars early? You really need to plan ahead.
    Head supervisor: -blank stare- I don't know what you mean?
    Driver: -turns to me- Is this woman for real?
    Me: join my world. Haha.

    Finally around 8:31 am the truck comes back, they open the back door, and the perfect picture load quality is all shifted inside. Trying to make you load 150 extra pieces in 3 minutes. You can see why my driver is NOT a happy camper.

    Anyway, this was more of a rant, I feel better for getting this out of my system.
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    So whats the problem here?
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    These are the people that run our company.
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    Sounds like the UPS I know.
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    I thought u worked in my center until u said woman. Lol

    Me: what part of I have been heavy all week do u not understand?

    Dispatch: blank stare

    Me: I had to lose 15 yesterday to stay under 12 (rural route) and have 10 more today than yesterday.

    Dispatcher: yeah I didn't know where to go with it

    Me: that's kind of your job

    Dispatcher: blank stare
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    Moe Larry and Curly:greedy:
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    Look for that clown to be promoted to district manager in short order, guaranteed!
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    Supervisors aren't paid to think, they are paid to react. The "Load the 300 car" with no car there is just a re-affirmation of their role as your boss, nothing more. ego stroke verbage.
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    The old dispatcher we had once told me it was her job to figure out what work goes on the route and it was my
    job to figure out how to get it off. I shrugged said okay and didn't punch out until 9 for a whole two weeks and it would have kept going except the local sort manager was getting mad that I was coming back so late.
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    I would have started tossing boxes into the empty space where the car used to be.
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    ​yep, and when he instructed me to stop throwing pkgs in the floor, I would have said,"I don't know what you mean".
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    You can't make this stuff up. I had a DPS pull that on me once. Gives me a 35-stop split for the next town over, only it's 6, very-congested-at-5PM, miles away. When I questioned why, he goes "I had no place to put it", to which I replied "perhaps on one of the 25 other drivers who are closer to it than me?"

    It was taken off me at 3 in the afternoon only after I took it to the BM, but by that point my day was wrecked anyway.

    The stupidity is overwhelming sometimes.
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    love those dispatcher conversations...like mine a few weeks ago:

    ME: You know, you dispatched me with a 10.83 day again yesterday. I ran bonus and STILL walked out of here after 8:00.

    DISP: Well that is YOUR problem, not mine.

    pretty much went downhill from there.
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    To the OP, you should have asked her to demonstrate what she wanted. Her brain would have shorted out and would have ended the convo early.
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    We had a driver plan out 13.31 hours... LOL then they wanted to know why he ran over and almost violated DOT....

    Lets put it this way in our center talking to the dispatcher is like smashing your head into a concrete wall. In the end nothing will change, and you will have a massive headache. We have a satellite route and they are sending the vacation cover out from the building with a 45 minute drive one way with the same dispatch... So lets get this straight... A satellite run has a 9.5 day now you have to tack on another hour and half drive time that the regular driver does not have. guinness-brilliant.jpeg
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    The great thing about this plan is, they have to open the back door and load it themselves before they fully back the car in. Saves you a lot of work.
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    Yeah once they took one of my cars away to do early ams, the same driver does early ams as well but used a different car. When it finally came back every box was on the floor. They never used the car again as he waited nearly a half an hour for it to come back but he was cashing in.
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    They would have been firing me for missed stops. Yeah it's happened before.