Easter Bunny


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Oh great ! Now the Easter Bunny has to be called the Spring Bunny. What is wrong with people ?????

If 86% or so of the U.S. are Christian, they why do we have to keep changing things that have been in place forever?? It affected Christmas too......now, poor old Peter Cottontail is a spring bunny.
Geesh! :sad:


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If you're refering to this, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Apparently it took five years before anyone noticed. A lot of things that people in the US have come to associate with "traditional religion" are anything but traditional.
"It's really not a big deal," said Lawrence Cunningham, University of Notre Dame theology professor. "I don't see any intrinsic value to the rabbit to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
"The bunny is a fertility symbol with no religious connection to Easter," added Cunningham who was the Christianity editor for the in the HarperCollins Dictionary of Religion. "The egg, which was popularized in Greece, Russia and Eastern Europe in connection with Easter, does not have a religious connection to Easter. By taking away the term 'Easter,' these symbols to some extent return to their pre-Christian roots as symbols of spring fertility."