ECS Clerks vs. OMS clerks

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bleujade, May 3, 2009.

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    The OMS clerks in my center say that it's the ECS clerks job to pull packages from the package cars. Other clerks in other centers does not have to pull packages and say that it's the OMS clerks job to pull the packages. What is the OMS clerk full job description and what should they be doing?
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    I think the ECS Clerks would win in a touch football game ... probably in softball too!
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    It is actually the OMS' job to notify the driver when pkgs are to be pulled from the pkg car prior to the driver returning to bldg, whether they are to be held, ADC, or if the consignee is going to pick it up that evening.

    Handling pkgs is done by Union employees only.:wink2:
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    What points spread are you giving ?
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    OMS are management and are not supposed to touch packages. Touching packages is the job of a union clerk.

    OMS aren't clerks.