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    I'm in the middle of moving and I need to change my address from my old one to my new one. When I went to do this on the Edcor website I got this:

    "The information on file for you is critical to processing your tuition applications and reimbursement requests. Incorrect information could lead to delays in processing and you receiving payment. Please review the information carefully. If any of the information is incorrect, please follow your company procedures to make changes. Your demographic information cannot be updated by calling the Contact Center. It must be done by your company."

    Could someone please explain to me what that means? I changed my info at UPS so they (UPS) have my new address and contact information. Does this mean that the next time I submit a tuition reimbursement application to Edcor that they will get my new address from UPS? And, if so, why does it let me change my email address with Edcor but not my actually physical address? Any help is appreciated.
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    This sounds like a good question for your HR staff.
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    Yeah I was thinking that I would ask them but thought I might check on here first. Anyway, thanks for the response. I will definitely check with them.