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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by big_arrow_up, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I know we can save money on the purchase of a new vehicle. And apparently used as well depending on the brand. I'm thinking about using this. It'll be my first use of an employee discount since we started getting one with Verizon. I have no idea what vehicle yet. I wanted to see what kind of deals others have gotten. Please chime in....
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Verizon sells cars?
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    They are an employee discount. I stated that clearly in the post.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Geeezzz, sorrry!

    You been hanging around UpState?
  5. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Sorry. :happy-very:
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    Bought my daughter a new Mustang about 5 years ago and in the process of haggling over price the salesman called me and said that he realized I was a UPS employee.

    At the time they had a deal where he could sell me the car at a certain percentage over invoice. It was quite a bit lower than where we were at on price, so it seemed pretty legit.

    May have had something to do with our Nascar dealings with Ford.
  7. scratch

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    We bought a Ford a few years ago too, supposedly it was about $500 over dealer's invoice.
  8. Brownslave688

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    I knew ford sales people that say our discount is better than their employee discount.
  9. cachsux

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    UPS' Ford discount is X plan. There is one level better for Ford employees.
  10. Namraputs

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    I don't see Ford on UPSers.com anymore. Lincoln is on there though.
  11. It's worth looking into the discount program. I bought an 2012 Ford Escape...saved $7,000 off the sticker...used the X-plan as well as the rebates Ford was offering...essentially he X-Plan is .5% above dealer invoice...they even show you the invoice. Thought this took the horse trading out of the process....always remember the dealer will not loose money on your sale..just saying.
  12. cachsux

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    Even with the discounts dealers have hold back money from the manufacturer depending on the vehicle anywhere from $500 on up. They don't make their money on most vehicle sales. They make it on the financing, extended warranties, service, etc.
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Thanks for the replies
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    I got a 98 Honda Civic I can give you a good deal on. Just turned over 150,000 miles and the speedometer/odometer took a sh$t. Have to judge speed now by the tachometer. Will forever now have 150,000 miles on it! If your interested I'll list it on ebay!
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    Add 300k miles, paint it brown, raise it by 2.5 feet, and loose the tach.......you now have what I drive for UPS.