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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by stealth8, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. stealth8

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    We have had a rash of breakins and thefts of employee vehicles in our company parking lots. I got off Tuesday night walked up to the lot to drive home, and discovered that someone had attempted to steal my catalytic convertor. They had cut the entry pipe and the exit pipe was 3/4 done, I am assuming somebody must have scared him off or he would have finished the job.
    When I reported it I was told that airbags, running boards and even cars have been stolen from the lot in the last 6mos.
    I am just curious to know if any other hubs are having the same problems.
  2. 1989

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    I used to be lucky to get a spot in the parking lot. Usually would have to park 3 or 4 blocks away.:crying:
  3. disneyworld

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    I gotta tell ya-when I get to my car, looking at the catalytic converter might be last on my mind. Did you see or hear something that made you look at it?
  4. brownrodster

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    Clearly he performed a proper pre trip inspection of his car...
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  5. GuyinBrown

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    If the pipes were cut, I'd imagine he heard the difference as soon as he started it..... :wink:
  6. Dirty Savage

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    Oh man, I don't even bother locking my doors and the windows are usually rolled down. Sorry to hear your centre is in a sketchy area.
  7. RockyRogue

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    I've never had a problem and I've worked in two UPS hubs. Then again, I don't drive to this one :w00t: since I get a ride. However, I've been told your incidents are very common in the area my hub is in. Most UPS hubs seem to be in "sketchy" areas. The few that aren't were built when the area was sketchy. Now, some of these areas are becoming high $$ neighborhoods. I remember hearing at one time that developers were trying to talk UPS into vacating the Jeff St. Hub in Chicago. Anyone in Chicago hear about this?? -Rocky
  8. Fnix

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    Some guy had the tailgate of this truck stolen. Our hub is in an industrial park of a very rich town. And no one drives through our park at that time cause no houses around.
  9. scratch

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    We have had cars stolen out of our parking lot. A few radios taken too. As is usually the case, Hub located in commercial area with a lot of nearby apartment complexes. I always park as close to the guard shack I can, no way would I park at far side of the lot or next to the street.
  10. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    I have personally had gas stolen twice in the parking lot where I am.
  11. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    Is your car an import? Parts for those cars are very expensive and often stolen and on the hot car list. I would say a few cars were stolen from our Uniondale building last year in our parking lot. The area isnt where you would want to raise your kids or walk the street at night alone. We do have UPS security and they do patrol the lot also.
  12. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    My hub has no security and there is woods/field surrounding a quarter of it. Funny thing is a supe who bought a new 35k sports car parks it right on the edge of the woods and road entrance in the dark where anyone can see it but not be seen stealing anything from it. :lol:

    Just waitin for the day.
  13. raceanoncr

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    Uh, what's the address...just for curiosity...yeah, that's right...just for curiosity...

    Uh, just so's I won't park next to it...uh, what';s the license plate #? Uh, also, just so's I won't bother it...uh, what's the color and the make and where does he keep the key, I mean, where is the security guard?
  14. UPS Lifer

    UPS Lifer Well-Known Member

    I have worked in a lot of different areas and every facility has had problems like that. The only facilities that have low theft are fenced and patrolled with one way in and out and a guard shack. These thieves case the facility to see when the shifts change. They also pick car positions that are easy to escape if they get noticed. Generally they use vans and park right along side their intended hit so they escape quickly.

    I had a rash of thefts from concerned employees and worked with Security to improve the lot patrol to help quell the problem. Voice your concerns to your manager and the Security Department. Ask them what they are doing to minimize the risk.
  15. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    Did you work at Denver, Lifer? Just kidding. We have Security patrolling the lot at just about all times--noon, dusk (Twilight Sort) and night (after Twilight goes down). I'm assuming they wander the lot before the Night Sort, too. Couldn't say about Preload but it makes sense. These aren't really "security" guards, though. The guy I've seen drives a pickup truck with a flashing light on top. I've heard grumbles about the guy not even stopping when he sees something (like a broken window). Maybe one of my Denver counterparts can add to this? -Rocky
  16. hondo

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    Catalytic converters (especially Original Equipment ones) now fetch a handsome price in the scrap market (the precious metals inside can be re-refined). They're simply the latest vehicle parts thieves have figured out how to steal & resell.
  17. browned_out

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    :mad:I work out on the west coast and our hub is located in an industrial area, apartments down the street a few blocks away. Now this is a major hub with a huge parking lot, security shack, guards, cameras etc. Just purchased a clean used chevy 1/2 ton 4wd blazer, had it less then 30 days and it was stolen out of the employee parking lot. When questioning other people, was told that it happens more than you think, in amazement I asked how this happens with security guards, cameras etc???? No one could provide any answers, other than ups is not responible for your vechicle in the parking lot and you park there under your own risk. Asked why they have cameras, guards etc, if they let this stuff happen in front of there eyes, never could get any good answer.
  18. stealth8

    stealth8 Active Member

    Toyota Tundra, seems they are hitting the vehicles that they can get under to do their thing!! It sounded like a bomb when I turned it on!!! I thought El Quida had gotten me!
  19. samiam

    samiam I wish, there for I am?

    It happen to me about 8 or 9 years ago. Was on my way out of work to go to the town hall meeting. Radio, CD's, speakers, all gone. UPS doesn't care. It's not that my Hub is in a bad area either. The problem is the employee's. I say this as a veteran driver...YOU PAY CARP PART TIME WAGES, YOU GET CRAP PART TIME WORKERS! ! ! ! It's not the area, is the poeple. Most of the part timers look like ex prisoners. I mean no ill will to part timers. It sucks that they are only making $.50 more to start than what I started at over 16 years ago, guess the got to get there money somehow.
  20. alister

    alister Member

    we used to have issues. that changed when the district security manager had his tires stolen off his new truck. the next day they chained off two of the entrances forcing everyone through one entrance. later they put a camera on the entrance that was left open.