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    How do i get my records from 1995? I started in March '95 and currently work there. They are pulling my vacation time from "labor" page that says i started 1-1-96. So for the past 24 years i have had to wait for extra week till following year. Vacation page says i started 3-29-95 seniority on 4-3-95. I have questioned this and filed before. But a supervisor showed me this "labor"page and it said 1-1-96. This is the 1st time i have seen this. And everytime i asked they said i didn't qualify. I did find my W-2 for '95. But they are saying i didnt have 156 reports which is bull. I am going thru the union but i want a copy of my work history and pay history. Do you guys know how i can find this information? HR phone numbers are a joke, nobody ever answers. The work number only goes back a few years. Upsers.com is also a joke. It only goes back so far and no start dates or anything. I am part time and plan to retire in a couple years. This info would also help for that.
    Thanks guys, hope you can give me some ideas where to find this info.
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    Umm just print out your pay stubs
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    So, after 24 years this is now a problem

    Good luck
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    WOW i get on here to ask for some help, and get sarcasm and criticism.
    I need a copy of work and/or payroll records thats it.
    Remind me to not get on here again.
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    Did you happen to keep your paystubs with your taxes for 1995? This is a guess but perhaps Social Security will have records of your checks. They have to have it for tracking your Social Security. There is a Paper trail - if you do go in person to SSI - remember they work on me time. Depends on the office on how "helpful" they are. Or perhaps wage and hours in your state. Since your local has been taking care of your dues - perhaps they will be willing to pull them up. Please remember this important thing=MOST HR people are lazy, in addition as are the management and payroll people. You have to remember a lot of people on here can't be snarky to management so they take it out on their families and fellow co-workers. Karma does exist and they will get their payback. IT just takes awhile. Good luck.
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  6. Welcome to BC, where the advice only comes in sarcasm. Really though, you should only come here to laugh or start keyboard fights.
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    Don't get on here again.
    Hope this helps.
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  8. aggiemom

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    Thnx observer. I have my W-2, and will look for pay stubs. I need to prove those 156 reports. Im going to file for employee file and payroll history. "Labor" wants me to prove 156 but they cant prove i dont have it. Just a little frustrating. They dont know i have my w2 saying i have time from somewhere. Going to ask for my records today if i dont get them filing monday on that and fixing my record.
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    From the mid 90’s?
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    Damn you beat me to it. I woke up too late.
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    Jenny in payroll can help

    867 5309
    Tell her you got her # off the wall
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    You forgot the area code old man. Unlike when you were 20. There're more then just 30 phones in the USA today. ;)
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    But jenny jenny who can i turn to?