Vacation time


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I have been with UPS for 5 years. I'm needing clarification on how my vacation time works now. I've been full time for almost a year in August. I have requested vacation time and it was approved. It starts next week. Well sups told me today that I won't be getting vacation pay because I haven't been full time for a year yet. So they expect me to take a week off for a vacation they previously approved with no pay!! Is this true? If thats the case i dont need to take the vacation! I can't believe shyt they say . I'm local 688. Im not a driver. I work in the earth city hub. Also where can i find an up to date 2023 vacation policy for ups. Thanks for your insights and help...


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I'm not in your area so I don't know your local policy or contract language but... has a tool for you - "time off viewer". It shows how much vacation/sick time is in your bank, and when your vacation bank will be refreshed. You could have (should have?) known that you had no vacation time and were ineligible for a paid vacation.

When you go full time, they CASH OUT your part time vacation time and you have to wait for your full time vacation to refresh.
You can think of that cash out paycheck as the missing paycheck for your week of vacation, if you choose to take it.

However, the right thing to do is let you withdraw your scheduled unpaid vacation time, since you were unaware it would be unpaid. I would ask my manager. If they refuse, I'd talk to my shop steward about filing a grievance.