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    OK I'm putting all the sarcasm, and whining aside for this one and I actually need some help. And it has very little to do with UPS! My fiance starts a pediatric residency at a hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. on June 25th. I am hoping I can find some people that can help me with information on the area to help get her settled when she gets there. We are both going there on June 15th, and in the 10 days from the 15th to the 25th when she starts work, we need to find an apartment, a car, places to buy furniture, etc etc. I can only be there for 10 days, so I am hoping there are a few people who might this that can help.We need to find an apartment that she can rent and move into the week of June 15-25. And I am looking for information on the areas of town to look for apartments. What parts are good, where to stay away from. If anyone knows a realtor or apartment listing agent, or maybe know someone who has an apartment for rent that I can talk to, where the good places to shop are, like discount type stores etc. So I would appriciate if anyone can help in these areas. You can PM me with anything you got or post it. Thanks!
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    If you want to know what part of a city to live in, talk to the cops, they know the city as well as anyone.
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    Whats the phone number?
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    I don't know the area but I would go online and find a realtor in the area. Once you decide on an area(or if you do)have them fax or mail listings in your price range.
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    I used to live over by the paper mill in the toxic waste part of town. There was always the aroma of wood chips in a hamster cage. The stale fart smell of steam. But, it was cheap. A large old house at the end of Paper St. The door had been kicked in by the police or whoever used to live there before. Rotted wood and rust everywhere. There was always an exposed nail or something sharp to snag and cut yourself on. The roof leaked and everytime it rained, all the wood would swell up and expand. We would have to shut off the electricity until the water in the basement receeded. It was cheap and I didn't have anywhere else to go.
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    Here's my thoughts:

    Have your fiancee ask the HR dept at the hospital where she'll be doing her residency.
    Sometime medical professionals live in the same area. Sort of like when UPS management relocate, a realtor is usually recommended and knows the types of areas that are desirable for relocations.

    Or if she knows anyone else from her school that may be heading down there as well.

    Good luck