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    Ya he travels from golf course to golf course .
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    The most major polluter of crude oil is the earth itself . Fissures under the ocean release more oil in a year than all of the known spills by man .
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    The mine had been capped , and some water was flowing out , but the "experts " hired by the EPA failed to check on just how much water was really behind the cap .
    So when they removed the cap everything within the mine gushed out .
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    Wait? What?

    You are blaming the EPA for causing this leak into the river??

    How about you try and assigning blame to the companies that created the toxic mess for decades, and had it leaking for those same decades, and simply blocked it temporarily from massively entering the river??


    "Testing by the E.P.A. — an agency typically in the position of responding to toxic disasters, not causing them — found that the wastewater spill caused levels of arsenic, lead and other metals to spike in the Animas River.

    On the day of the accident, a team from the agency had been investigating an abandoned mine about 50 miles north of here. Called the Gold King, it is roughly 1.5 miles long and about 700 feet tall at its highest point. The mine had been abandoned for nearly a century, but between roughly 1890 and 1920 it produced 350,000 ounces of high-grade gold, according to its owner.

    For years, the Gold King has leaked toxic water at a rate of 50 to 250 gallons a minute. The agency had planned to find the source of the leak in the hope of one day stanching it. Instead, as workers used a backhoe to hack at loose material, a surprise deluge of orange water ripped through, spilling into Cement Creek and flowing into the Animas. The burst did not injure workers.

    In his first interview since the spill, the owner of the mine, Todd Hennis, said the spill was probably the fault of another mine company — the Sunnyside Gold Corporation — that had built retention walls inside an abandoned mine near the Gold King, part of an old cleanup agreement with the federal government. Once the Sunnyside mine filled with wastewater, the water probably spilled into the Gold King, and then into the Animas, Mr. Hennis said.

    He urged Sunnyside’s parent company, the Kinross Gold Corporation, to clean up the mess. “They’ve got to step forward and be responsible,” he said of Kinross. A spokesman for Sunnyside, Larry Perino, said the company had no role in Gold King spill."


    How was the EPA to know how much contaminated water was hiding under the earth that the mining companies locked in there??

    This is the exact reasons we have an EPA. To shut down these polluters before they ruin the entire planet.

    Unfortunately, not everyone was telling the EPA the truth of the matter.

    Yes, the EPA uncorked a TICKING TIME BOMB, but that bomb was set long ago by the mining companies.

    Get your facts straight.

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    More facts ;

    Months ago, Colorado town begged EPA to leave Gold King Mine alone

    Five months before the Animas River toxic spill disaster, leaders from the tiny Colorado mining town of Silverton pleaded with EPA officials to not perform tests that would declare the area a Superfund site.

    Yet the Environmental Protection Agency was intent on ferreting out “widespread soil contamination” from historic mines, even though the town was tested five years ago and no problems were found.

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    DUH, of course the town didnt want anyone sticking their nose into the DECADES of contamination in the gold mines... They KNEW of the contamination, and they have tried hard for YEARS to prevent anyone from cleaning it up or discovering the magnitude of the contamination.

    The EPA had NOTHING to do with causing the leak other than removing some surface material that led to the exposure of the DECADES of contaminate buildup that the gold mines themselves created and tried to hide.


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    @Baba gounj, if you could provide a neutral perspective, instead of right wing publications, that would lend a bit of credence to your anti-government ramblings.
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    All I did was report on facts .
    Unlike TOS who makes his up .
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    No, you editorialized, or rather you posted to editorialized articles. You rarely have an original thought.
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    He'll do .
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    The EPA now says that the toxic level has been cleaned in the river all by nature .
    Of course it has , most of the toxins that were in Colo. are now in other states and so to travel to Mexico & the Gulf .