Ever run out of gas on area running route?

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    I ran out of gas running residentials (close to Emory University in Atlanta) in an old "piece of doodoo" p-800. This car had a broken gas gauge. So I took a chance and left the building without gassing up (bonehead decision). When I ran out of gas a man in his house just happen to hear my engine go out. He came out of his house with a gas can. After he emptied his gas can into my package car, I broke off my route to get gas and then finished my route. So needless to say that prevented a call to the Center manager to inform him/her that I ran out of gas running my route.
  2. TheKid

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    I ran out of gas once on the way back to the building. I was only about 5 miles from the building....thank goodness the mechanic covered for me.
  3. brownmonster

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    Twice. Someone in a car ran me to a gas station to get a can of gas. The other time another driver swung by to take me to get a can of gas.
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    I was "loaned" to another center one time, and as I returned to the building with the supervisor who trained me that day, I headed for the fuel pumps. "Don't bother", he said, "we have people who fuel the cars at night".

    I ran out of fuel on-route the next day.

    Who's fault was this? I tried to fuel the car. The sup directed me not to.
    Whateva, they sent a mechanic with a gas can.
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    Back in the 80's an accurate and functioning gas gauge was almost unheard of in my center. Part of the pretrip was a visual check of looking into the tank. Most drivers knew how far they could go on a tank of gas. The big wrinkle was when your car was red tagged and you ran a spare. I ran out of gas at least 10 times in those 10 years, too many rural route miles. I don't recall ever calling in because I didn't want to get a butt chewing. A couple of times I was pushed off the Interstate by another driver. I got a couple of gallons gas from farmers quite a few times too. It helped to be friends with your customers.

    If getting pushed by another package car today you would probably get charged with an accident for scratching the paint.
  6. brownmonster

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    Back in the day before gas cards we had to chance it. Now when in doubt, hit the local Kwik Trip.

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    I have pumped gas in package cars after running routes just to make sure I DIDN'T run out of gas on the way back to the building. I felt kind of stupid at a Shell station pumping gas in a P-1200 knowing that I should have gotten gas that morning, lol.
  8. robot

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    I ran out of gas all the time in my old piece o' crap natural g(ass) car. I was lucky to get 80 miles per gas tank. They kept it on that route even though some days I could easily do 100+ miles on it.
    A cover driver blew the transmission while on I was on vacation and they finally decided to retire it.
  9. The Blackadder

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    I can top running out of gas I once ran out of oil....

    Now this is funny, they had changed the engine put in a brand new block so we could get another 300k out of the 24 year old package car... they put it back on line friday night... problem the oil plug was not tight. Over the weekend it leaked but because the cars in the building are so close no one could tell.

    I pulled out did my pre-trip and off I went.... within sight of the building it blows up. I walk back and say my truck just died... yep the new engine got a whole 1/10 th of a mile before it went... a bit less then the 300k they had hoped for I am sure.
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    I ran out of gas in the yard, twice, just a few weeks apart.

    I'm sure the mechanics loved me cranking the starter repeatedly to get the car to the fuel pumps.
  11. scratch

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    I have ran out of gas twice in a P-500. Both times were a long time ago when the fuel guages were never fixed. First time, the mechanic had to bring out some gas. The second time, a woman let me have some out of her Gas Caddy, which was a big portable gas tank on wheels that she would fill up her jet ski with. Once I broke down when the electric fuel pump got stuck, the shop told me to crawl under the package car and beat on the gas tank. It worked.
  12. BrownArmy

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    Someone in my center ran out of gas last year...

    The sludge in the bottom of the tank killed the fuel filter, necessitating a tow, etc. etc.

    We had a PCM about it the next morning.
  13. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Good thing, in my center you would get progressive discipline for not doing a proper pretrip!!
  14. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    If you did your pretrip how did you not see it was out of oil before you left? Again a PROPER pretrip would have caught this and saved thousands of dollars to the company. You would definately be disciplined in my center, if not walked out for "other serious offenses"!!
  15. satellitedriver

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    When I was a new hire rookie my center manager told me to take off the gas cap and rock the car to look for the gas and the splash sound.
    He told me to never trust a gas gauge on a pkg car.
    I have never run out of gas.
  16. CRASH501

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    Yup I did it twice , 1 time i knew i had a 1/2 tank upon end of day I was never told my truck was used to make a run upto Hartford CT. so I assumed I was ok until the next night to fill , WRONG never checked the gauge and ran out in the rain , not a fun call to the center. I found out later that night that a carwasher ran airs up to CT on a regular basis with my truck....
    and the other time my truck was switched out overnight by automotive never noticed the change as they were sister trucks **913 & **912.......oops again
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our mall driver ran out of fuel on area. He could safely go 3 days on each fill-up but decided to see if he could get a 4th out of this one. He lost 1-1 1/2 hours on that service call and received a warning letter. We also had a PCM on this.

    I played a joke on him--I went to Google maps and printed out all of the gas stations on his area and taped it to his windshield. He didn't find it funny.
  18. Nimnim

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    I'm not sure where you guys pull to to do your pretrip, but if it was far enough away from where it was parked the leftover oil from a puddle wouldn't have been seen. I'm going to assume the leak had sufficient time to bring the oil level down to a thin film in the pan. Though this brings up another question, don't PCs have oil lights like every other car on the road? Not a driver so I don't know, but I'd hope there's a light.
  19. brownmonster

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    He says it was a 24 year old package car. Lucky you get a seat and a steering wheel on those.
  20. Treegrower

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    Some joke. You must be a real "pleasure" to work with.
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