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    Recently we were told in our local that we had to log into UPSers.com and 'verify our eligibilty for employment as required by Homeland Security'. There are notices that employment could be terminated if we do not fill out this electronic form.

    The form, when completed states that your electronic signature will be automaticaly applied to documents UPS will provide later.

    Anyone else know anything about this. I've been with UPS for 15 years, they took most of this information when they hired me, what happened to it? And why do I have to give them my electronic signature for documents I know nothing about before hand? I'm not authorizing the use of my signature if I don't know what it's for!
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    When I logged onto the website they wanted me to provide my social security number online. Aint gonna happen.

    I will be more than happy to show the required documents to HR in person, but not in cyberspace.
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    do you really think someone is going to jump out from the computer screen and steal your wallet?

    edit: let me guess, a grievance will need to be filed because you had to wait in line at HR to show them your ID.

    i kid, i kid.
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    Sober, I just did mine and you are asked to enter your social security number but the number does not appear on the verification or any of the subsequent pages. The site is SSL. Obviously it is your call as to whether you wish to complete the form online.

    Completion of the online form is only the first step--you still have to show acceptable ID to your HR rep.

    BTW, we have yet to receive a PCM on this at my center.
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    in brockton we had a driver who drove for 9 years with a fake social security number. the only reason he got caught is because he couldn't renew his license online again.
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    I wonder why they can't pull your I9 from your employment file. Everyone had to do an I9 when they were hired.

    Everyone in that age group has to verify their I9 by the end of March or risk being terminated on march 31st. Stupid law that will add unnecessary expense on business when the process should have been followed all along.
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    Identity theft is a serious issue and only an idiot would type his Social Security number onto a website that he knows nothing about.

    I have all the required documents and I am more than willing to produce them in person to the HR department.

    If UPS is being required to do this by the federal govt, and makes a reasonable effort to make the process as quick as possible, I see no point in arguing over whether or not the time spent should be paid for.
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    If back in 2004? UPS stopped using full social security #s on the paystubs, why would any employee upload their SS# onto a website? I thought the SS# was removed from stubs for privacy issues?
    Agree with sober on this one. I'll verify whatever it is IN PERSON, thanks.
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    i am trying to log on, does anyone know how to log on
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You access this through upsers.com. It will be on the right hand side of the home page. Click on I-9 verification and you should be all set.
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    It is alot easier to go see your HR person and show your ss card and DL and your done!!
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    HR person will still need you to fill out the online I9 form.
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    on the clock
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    As a government contractor, UPS implemented the electronic e-Verify process relatively recently through the Automated Employment online program. That's why anyone hired since Jan 1, 2008 doesn't have to redo this, they have already been through the online process and have a current I-9 (meaning one that has been electronically verified as legit through the government databases). For those of us hired in the specified period from 1986 up til then, we showed our IDs at hire and they may have even zeroxed them, but they were never verified electronically through the government databases. So the new regulations mean we're required to complete this process, which 1) verifies our identity and 2) verifies our authorization to work in the U.S.

    The form on upsers is mandatory and safe (and as far as being safe, everyone can view their paychecks and medical info and everything else on upsers, it's protected and safe). I was just notified yesterday that for some who can't get into upsers and haven't resolved that through the tech support link, there is a direct link available to some other URL where you can fill out the same form, but if you're worried about not knowing anything about a site, I advise to put your money on upsers' security.

    This form is Section 1, and HR can't review your IDs and then complete the next sections without that online form being filled out to initiate the process. If not done by the end deadline, the company can't keep you employed - a really preventable reason for losing a job - so the folks bristling about it need to consider that it is simply a condition of employment. It's a legitimate process and not an infringement on our right to privacy or anything else. Believe me, it's a whole less amount of hassle for you than the HR folks responsible to get everyone done.

    As far as not knowing what it's about...I suggest you take the time to look at the info about it on upsers, it explains why. Also, you're going to need to choose specific IDs (that can't be expired) from the lists shown when you complete the online form. If you have to go down and apply for a new Social Security card, for example, you may need time off to do that, so everyone really should make it a priority. Hope this helps.
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    I guess I'm an idiot then. If someone takes my identity I'll get a new one, preferably with less children and bills. :sad-very: