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    Hello, I am a new hire and have been lurking these forums about 3 weeks ago. I read many posts about how much it sucks and how management is garbage, and the pay that you get for your effort sucks. I work sunrise shift at a feeder hub and they pay $11 here.
    (Warning somewhat lengthy post)

    Got hired on spot by an HR manager who by the way came 20 minutes late on the hiring day. I'm 10 days into the 34 days of getting into the union. In my hub we have cages rather than a belt and for the first couple days I just put(more like hurled) the packages that came to us from God knows where into the correct cages for the preloaders which I enjoyed and was easy.

    Second week I was given to a different supervisor to "train" me into loading the cars. He had a heavy accent and literally said thanks boss after every sentence. I started off with 3 cars right away and one car always leaves at 7am and it :censored2:s my pace with the other two cars. My sup tells me to prioritize that car first and and organize my cages if they're heavy (4+ packages per cage) but I end up stacking a lot of my packages.
    At the end of the day or rather the start of the morning when the drivers come all hell breaks loose. All these carts full of irregulars come out of nowhere and the packages keep coming even for the car that left at 7, so I have to grab a bag and a cart and just throw everything that was suppose to go onto that car there.
    One of the drivers are cool and I talk to him everyday. He always takes the packages that were suppose to go into the 7am car and packs his car to the :censored2:en maximum capacity. The other driver always looks :censored2: off and told me he'll be gone soon enough. 5 days later what do you know I didn't see him that Friday. I feel bad that the drivers have to help me load before leavin:oops:

    Overall I'm just trying to learn and get a good technique down and mainly NOT misload. I think the first day I had like 5 and then it went down to like 1-3.
    Sorry for long post, I salute everyone who have and is currently working here at this mad house. The work is hard. Not looking forward to peak but I'm getting paid for college and making money on the side so :headache:
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    Pink lunchbox huh!!
    I like it
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    Circlejerk initiated in 3.....2......1......GO!
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    Welcome to UPS and BC
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    4 packages is a heavy cage? Ours don't have that until they call final span.
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    Welcome to the BC!