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    I am looking to become a UPS driver. I see they hire full-time drivers but I get info. from outsiders that say I need to start as a package handler prior to becomeing a driver. Is this true? Second, I already work for usps as a delivery person and was wondering if that experience will help me in the interview process. Third, if UPS does hire full-time drivers what can I expect during the interview process, probation period, paid vacation and sick time, hours worked per week, starting pay, union dues, and expectations?
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    Experience helps with the probationary period but has nothing to do really with getting the job. As a driver that is. It will get you an inside job easily. The job is offered to everyone currently working at UPS who can properly demonstrate that they can operate the package car safely. Every union job at UPS is seniority based so if you plan too i guess you should get in as soon as possible depending on where you are applying. The list is long for full-time jobs at all UPS facilities though. Oh and the rate of hire is 6-1 based meaning 6 inside workers to 1 off the street. The one may be used for inside part time supervisors though so the chances of getting in from outside are slim to none around here.

    Anyways, thats the jist of it. The rest you can find from previous post using the search option within the site. I tend to use that before i even think about asking a question. There is plenty of great information from past threads that you can take advantage of. Anyway, best of luck if you decide to pursue a career here. It's one hell of a ride.
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    Not necessarily. It's all about supply and demand. In my hub, I have seen drivers hired off the street and were kept permanently. Best of luck!
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    The UPS driving job will make you go postal...If you get on, sell your guns first..The time pressure will make you insane at times especially as a rookie...Good luck!
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    There are 2 ways to become a driver off the street without working full time. They have a 6:1 ratio for inside promotions to outside hires. However, often those 1 outside hires go to UPS management who want to become drivers. The other way is to hire on part time and wait your turn to become a driver. The inside wait for driving may be 6 months to 5 years (or longer) depending on the building you work in.

    Probationary period and vacation seems to differ a little all over the country depending on which regional union contract you are under. In my region it takes 70 working days to make seniority as a part timer. Driver probabion is 30 working days but is increasing to 60 working days under the new contract.

    Under the new contract you have to wait a year (or more ?) to get medical benefits. For part time these benefits are ok, but for drivers they are some of the best around.

    After a year in my regional contract you get 2 weeks paid vacation, 5 individual optional days to use whenever, and 5 paid sick days. After 2 years 3 weeks paid vacation, 5 option days, 5 sick days. Vacation weeks increase up to I think a max of 7 weeks at 25 years ?

    Don't remember exactly how much union dues are. I think it's based on your hourly rate. Maybe 2 or 4 times your hourly rate per month.

    Good luck!

    Starting pay for drivers is changing under the new contract.

    3 year progression. About 16$ to start and top out around 30$ (in the future if you start soon it'll be 30$ by the time you top out. now it's about 28.4$ per hour)
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    Or you could do what I did. Applied to be a Christmas driver 3 years ago, and have been sticking around since. I guess that doesn't happen often, though. Just because your a "Full Time Driver", doesnt mean you'll work everyday. As I type this, I'm laid off for the 3rd day this week.
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    You say it is impossible to get a job as an outsider but why are they offering the full-time driver job online in my area? And as far as layoffs, what can I expect if I do switch jobs? Will I make 40 hours a week? Will I be laid off more then I work?
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    Hard to tell what layoffs are like in general. It varies from center to center. The amount I work is directly based on vacations from other drivers. At our center, we only run 18 routes a day, and I am driver number 23. So when 3 drivers are gone on vaca, then I have no problem working usually. But when 0 or 1 drivers are gone, like it usually is in spring and winter around here, it gets brutal.